Friday, December 4, 2009

Golden "54"

If you have been reading my blog from the beginning, you know how I have felt about being 54. I wrote a post about it early on in my blogging adventure. 54 has not been my favorite age.

What I realized this past week was that I have missed a lot of the joy of an entire year of my life by worrying about a number. My dad died at 54 and I hated being that age. I spent too much time dwelling on that number. Anything that was going to happen in my 54th year was going to happen regardless of what I did or didn't do.

I was thinking the other day that if you can have a golden birthday when you turn the age of your birthdate, why can't you have a golden birth year? This was my golden birth year. I was born in 1954 and I was 54 this year. Makes sense, right?

So, one week from today, I will turn 55. I plan to enjoy every minute of my next year. I will be thankful for every day. I will not dwell on the bad that could happen. In the final analysis, you can't really control anything. You can just live what comes your way. I plan to do just that.

I will enjoy my family. I will spend all the time I can with my beautiful grand kids. I will wait with great anticipation for my third grandchild. We will find out on the 14th (my mom's birthday) what sex this baby will be. I will continue to enjoy my job. I will continue to work on my lifestyle/exercise changes. I will continue to learn all I can about my new camera and photography in general. Believe it or not, I am even thinking about trying to run a half marathon in San Diego of all places in June. My girls at the Sisterhood have me thinking that I can do this kind of crazy stuff.

These are my promises to me and me alone. I spend a lot of my life doing for everyone else and that has always been my choice. I'm sure I will still do that, but I will also live for me. It is my life and the choices are up to me. 55 is going to be a good year lived without dread and worrying to the best of my ability. This is my promise to myself!


  1. You go girl! A positive attitude is the most important thing.

    Every single day is a gift.


  2. What an inspiring post!! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy and appreciate ourselves! Have a great 55....Oh and Happy Birthday!

  3. Like your header says... if we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves! We always called the birthday "golden" on the day # -- you know 7 on the 7th. I like the year idea too!! I look forward to my golden "58"! We are on the right path Nancy!!

  4. i just know you are going to have an awesome 55!

  5. Well, 54 seemed like a pretty good year for you. I bet 55 will be, too.... =^)

  6. Here's to an awesome birthday and awesome days ahead :o) Wow! I am very impressed that you are motivated to doing a run! My motivation to get on my walks around our neighborhood, gets lost when the temp drops (even in southern, coastal Georgia...I admit to being a wimp in our "cold" weather!)

    I sure have missed getting around to reading your posts! I look forward to some "fun, free" time to catch up...meanwhile...know that I have thought of you :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (Also thank you again for your drawing orders and thank you for stopping by, commenting and leaving your feedback ratings! I will be back :o)

  7. It's going to be a fantastic year! I just know it!!

  8. Isn't aging a "funny thing"? I'm glad you are adopting a positive attitude because that will get you far!
    Had to mention, my father also passed away at the age of 54, and I'm only three years awayfrom that age, but I think of it too.
    Enjoy each day, don't waste a minute of it!

  9. I LOVE your attitude! It's just a number..I am so glad we are getting healthier together. We have so much to live for. I can't wait to hear the baby news on the 14th! And, I believe in you that you can run that marathon. Your dad is looking down on you and smiling at his very confident daughter!

  10. P.S. I love your blog design...So festive!

  11. You certainly have a great outlook on the coming year. But like I said in my email, I hope you are celebrating a week long birthday celebration!

    P.S. I know how you feel about the scary numbers we have to approach in age. My father died at 38 and his sister (very close to me) died at 33. I could not wait to turn 34 and I don't ever want to be that scared again. I promised myself 38 will be a great year!!!

  12. 55 may just be your half-marathon year! i'm just sayin..

  13. Happy Birthday:)
    I am going to be 49 this week (I am the 10th:)
    I know it is just a number but 39 is a much prettier
    Hope you have a GREAT Birthday!!!

  14. Beautiful post, Nancy. You have a wonderful outlook on life which must be because you're such a special person. I know you'll run that half marathon and I know you have a beautiful year coming up.


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