Monday, July 23, 2012

You Capture / Drinks

I found the best white sangria ever on my trip to New York City and I don't even like wine.  That just shows you how good it was! 

You Capture

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just a Peak

Here is a little peak into the most amazing trip I have taken in a very long time.  I will post more when I get home with all the stories.  I still have a week left.  Many more memories to make!
We saw Naked Cowboy in Times Square our first night in town.
 We also saw Lion King our first night.
 Times Square was awesome.  We were there every night.
Great people watching.
 We went to Saint Patrick Cathedral twice.  Once to visit and take pictures and then again on Sunday for mass.
Central Park was beautiful.
Madame Trussaud's Wax Museum was fun. 
Some of the figures looked exactly like the real people.  
The top of the Empire State Building.
Rockefeller Plaza at night was breathtaking.
 We got to meet Al Roker and he even shook our hands.
The 9/11 Memorial was beautiful. I'll go back when they open the museum.
I will post more when I get home with all the stories. I still have a week left.  I have many more memories to make!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Giddy and Guilty

I'm feeling different than I have in a long time.  I am leaving Thursday morning for an amazing vacation that I have been planning for six months.  I am going for nine fun filled days to New York City with one of my very best friends, Vickie.

I am downright giddy about the experience.    This trip will start at O'Hare airport.  That in itself is new for me.  At the ripe old age of 57, I am taking my first plane trip.  I know, how weird is that?  I prefer car travel because I love the scenery and the stops along the way to the actual destination.  Plus, back when there were six of us going on vacation, airfare wasn't the most cost effective way to travel.  Everything about this trip is new and exciting, so why not the mode of travel too, right?

The first night we are there, we are going to see Lion King on Broadway.  Me at a Broadway show!  We have so many things planned.  Central Park, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, Canal Street (all that knock off shopping), movie/tv bus tour, 911 Memorial, Today show concert with Zac Brown Band, Times Square, mass at St. Patrick Cathedral and on and on and on.  As I type that out, I still can't believe it. 

On the afternoon of July 13, we are boarding a train or bus (I'm not sure which) and heading to Baltimore.  We are meeting up with our husbands and going to Vickie's family reunion.  She has the best family.  We were actually invited by her uncle to the reunion.  It will be fun to see them all again.

After the reunion, Dick and I will be off on our own adventure.  As of right now, we plan to visit the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, spend several days seeing the sites in Washington D.C. and maybe hit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum on the way home.  This part of the trip is kind of fluid.  There are also mountains right there and we love the mountains, so who knows.  This all makes me pretty giddy!

This awesome trip also makes me pretty guilty.  I'm trying not to be, but it's just my nature, I guess.  I've mentioned before that my step dad is facing some health issues right now.  I have spent part of almost every day for the last month at the hospital.  Let me make it perfectly clear that I am not complaing about this at all.  I would not have been anywhere else.  I just feel bad leaving and placing more burden on the rest of the family.  They are all absolutely fine with my going.  They have told me this numerous times.  This guilt that I am feeling is truly my own doing. 

Guilty phase #2....I have never not been away from my family for this long in one stretch like this.  I will not see my kids and grandkids for about 16 or 17 days.  I will only be away from Dick for a little over a week, but I can't imagine not seeing my grandbabies for so long!  Holy crap!!

So yes, giddy and guilty.  Right now, I am about 50/50 on this issue.  I am hoping that the closer I get to Thursday, they more the weights will sway to the giddy side.  But oh my, I can't imagine July 4th when I have to tell those amazing, beautiful, adorable and wonderful people goodbye.  It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

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