Sunday, October 6, 2019

Where I'm From

I am from Coffee Creek, from Barbie dolls and bicycles.
I am from the loving warmth of the big house on Morgan Avenue.
I am from the snowball bushes & the huge vegetable garden. 
I am from Sunday dinners and huge, extended family Christmas parties, from Jankowski and Povlock and most importantly from the loving arms of Casey and Louise.
I am from the well loved and the stubborn.
From be home when the lightening bugs come out and be nice to your little brother.
I am from the catholic faith. I'm from catholic school and Sunday mass and trying to live what you learned at that mass. 
I'm from the hospital in Valpo and 100% Polish, pierogis, duck soup and stuffed cabbage.
From the big wooden swing on Grandma Helen's huge stone porch, the walks uptown with Grandpa Martin, and his big copper colored Pontiac Chieftain in the garage.
I am from Dad's work shop,  Mom's kitchen, a million kids in the neighborhood, homemade Barbie houses, and siblings to play with. 
I am from learning values and morals, learning limits and boundaries, learning it's not all about me, and knowing I am loved.
I am blessed.
I am happy.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

New Plan... New Me!

I had big plans for this summer. It was going to be the summer that I went back to school with a decent weight loss and a noticeable toning of the body. I had lost 20 pounds in the spring. I had planned to keep that up and add working out and walking. I can give you ten reasons why I didn't, but the bottom line is....I just didn't do it. I gained back four pounds this summer and that stops now!

I go back to work next Thursday for our staff meeting. We start school on August 13th. I have devised a new plan to get back on track and back in shape. I turn 65 in December and we'll see how much I can lose and tighten before that happens. Here's my plan!

1.  I will plan meals and I will eat three good meals a day. 

2.  I will do a workout no less than four days a week. Lord knows I have a library of workout videos that I can do first thing in the morning when I wake up. 

3.  I will walk every day.  No less than one mile, but I'd like it to be three or more.  We'll see how much time I have once I go back to work next week.

4.  I will do a much better job with drinking water.  This shouldn't be too hard considering my intake now is just about nonexistent. I just recently gave up diet Pepsi and found out that iced tea counts toward my water intake for the day. I also discovered Hint lightly flavored water. Both of those will help tremendously.

5.  Last, but certainly not least.  I will get some decent sleep.  There is not a reason in the world that I need to be up doing stupid stuff till 12:00 or 1:00.  10:00 is the latest I will stay up, especially on a school night. 

I haven't blogged in a year and I am hoping that starting again now will keep me honest and going strong. I plan to update every week or two how it's going. Wish me luck!!