Saturday, May 28, 2011

It Was 40 Years Ago Today

It was May 28, 1971. I was upstairs in my bedroom with two of my best friends getting ready for a first date with an older man. I was 16 and just finishing my sophomore year of high school. He was 19 and had been out of school a year and working in the construction field operating heavy equipment. My mom and dad weren't sure if this was a good idea, but they were willing to give it a try.

We had met the week before at the Port. It's a local root beer stand where all the kids cruised and hung out. Believe it or not, it's still there today. They still have drive up dining in your car and the car hops wear roller skates. The food trays attach to your car window. I kid you not. He actually asked the girl I was with out first. To this day he claims he was just getting information about me.

Whatever the reason, tonight was my turn. I began to hear the distant rumble of his car engine. My God that car was loud. I would learn later that there was no sneaking in late in that car. You could hear it coming two blocks away. My heart began to beat faster and I was nervous. The only older guys I had dated in my limited dating experiences were just a year older than me and still in school. I take a last look in the mirror. My friends say I look awesome in my lime green hip hugger bell bottoms and white sleeveless shirt with lime and yellow trim. My hair is long and flowing and my make up is perfect. I head down the stairs that lead to the foyer which is right next to the living room where he will be waiting.

I got half way down the stairs and I see him....smoking a cigarette!!!! Are you out of your freakin mind!?!? My mother hates smoking and had tried to get my dad to stop for years. This is not the way to make a good first impression. I can feel the blood rising to my face. I just need to not make eye contact with my mom and get him the heck out of there. We say good bye and we are finally out the door.

I begin to regain my normal body temp and breathe a say of relief. I don't know him well enough to tell him he's an idiot. Of course, that will come later. We are double dating and the other couple is in the backseat. I say hello and we are on our way to the 49er Drive In (it's still there too) to see the romantic classic PATTON. Nobody told us that it was a 12 hour movie and I'm late getting home on the first date. My dad is cool about it because we were seeing a war movie. My mom wasn't thrilled, but she wasn't going ballistic or anything.

I saw him the next day and the next day and the next day and every day there after. With the exception of a huge fight in 1972 that lasted for two days, we have never been apart. We got engaged on November 19, 1972 and were married on September 8, 1973. When I think about the time frame, I can't believe that my parents let that all happen. I got engaged when I was a senior in high school and married three months after I graduated at the age of 18. We had our first baby when I was 20 and he was 23.

I think the main reason we have stayed together with no major problems over the years is this. We were so young. We had no expectations of what marriage should be. It was what it was and we were happy. We grew up together and made our own adventures along the way. We built a really good life. We had excellent examples in both of our parents. They had been together forever and were both happy in their marriages. We are still happy together and I am blessed to have that all these years later. I can't imagine my life with anyone else.

My plan for the rest of the day is to convince Dick that going to the drive in is a good idea. It is supposed to rain and I don't know what is playing, but I don't care. It is Saturday, May 28, 2011. 40 years later and I think we need to mark the occasion.

I know that I have posted this picture before, but I love it. It just looks like us. Happy and relaxed. That is pretty much how we are now. We don't fight. What's the point? If we get mad now, it's over quickly. We have a good life. We have four beautiful daughters who have chosen wonderful men in their lives. We have three perfect grand kids that are the lights of our lives.

Life is good and we can't ask for more than that.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You Capture/Pretty

We went to a 25th anniversary party.

There was pretty cake.
Pretty decorations.

And pretty china.

Lots more pretty over at Beth's.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Self Workout in the Park

On Saturday, my daughter Abby, my good friend Mari and I took the train into the big city.

Off we went to Chicago.

We saw the Bean

We saw it as we walked to the Self magazine
Workout in the Park in Grant Park .

We waited in line for a long time!

We did some awesome workouts.

This girl tried to kill me more than once.

The one time though, she reminded me that I liked Pilates.

We got to listen to Alison Sweeney.

She is the host of The Biggest Loser and is also on Days of our Lives.

We even got to work out with her.

Abby did a super intense workout that Mari and I passed on.

While Abby was at that workout, I got to do my very first real press interview for Shrinking Jeans. I got to interview a Self magazine rep and talk to Alison Sweeney.

I even got to have my picture taken with her.

I'll do a full story on the Shrinking Jeans site in a few weeks.

I just couldn't keep this to myself for that long.

I had the best day ever.

If you would have asked me last year, I never would have dreamed that I would be doing this now. Life is unpredictable and so exciting.

I am one lucky girl!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It Makes It Official!

It really does kind of make it official, doesn't it?

I've been a contributing writer for Shrinking Jeans since January, but I just got the business cards and I have my first real press event this weekend.

I'm covering the Self magazine Workout in the Park in Chicago.

I even get to interview someone from Self.

I am so excited!!

Just say a little prayer for me that the rain holds off.

It's a rain or shine outdoor event.

I'll take lots of pictures and tell you all about it.

Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Capture/Busy

Two days out of 31 with nothing.

Yes, I'm busy!

More at Beth's.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

He's Still The Same...Sort Of

This is the man I fell in love with 43 years ago.

I have never waivered in my love for him.

Yes, I married another man, but...

I always loved Bob Seger.

Our latest date was last night at the All State Arena in Chicago.

It was a sold out performance.

Our section had a lot of gray hair, 80's hair and pot bellies.

Every now and then, you would get a waft of marijuana.

But, our section was rockin!

They came for the same reason Dick and I did.

They wanted to have a good time and they knew that Bob wouldn't disappoint..

and he didn't.

He did a lot of my personal favorites.

Horizontal Bop, Roll Me Away, Travelin Man/Beautiful Loser.

That's just a small few.

All too soon the show was over.

At least he did two encores.

It was an awesome night. If you don't count the rain and the traffic, I'd say it was the perfect night. And when I closed my eyes, I still could see that perfect guy in the first picture singing Fire Down Below (my name is in that song) just for me.

Thanks Bob for a great night.

You can still rock it like nobody else.

Let's try not to make it so long between dates next time though.

My only regret was that I couldn't take my good camera in and get some really good pictures. Oh well, at least I got some.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Roll Me Away

Tonight is my long awaited Bob Seger concert. He hasn't toured in years and every time he does, I'm afraid it will be his last. I love Bob Seger. I really do. There is a running joke in my family that he is my real husband and my kids real dad. Dick takes it all in good fun. When we were planning our daughters wedding and the bills started to roll in, Dick told Sarah it was time to call her real dad. Like I said, he takes it in good fun. I'm really getting excited though. We are leaving in about an hour an a half. It's going to be fun!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You Capture/Motherhood

Mothering a boy is a novelty in our family.

Jack is the first boy in the family in 25 years.

There are only two more besides him.

When Jack and Sarah stopped over by themselves yesterday, it was the perfect opportunity to capture motherhood.

Lots of mothering going on at Beth's

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You Capture / Outdoors

I was able to take some pictures on Saturday when I did the March for Babies with our very own Beth. It was an awesome day and I got some pretty good captures.

Beth, Eli and her mom and dad walking the course.

Last but certainly not least is my robin on her nest.
It took me an hour or so to get the shot, but it was worth the wait.

She has her nest right outside the preschool room window.

Check out the rest of the outdoors at Beth's.