Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Capture/The Feeling of Fall

The feeling of fall. As I type this, it is 40 degrees outside. Yes, it feels like fall. Baking pumpkin cookies with my beautiful granddaughter while she tests the dough was a fun fall feeling. This single red tree in a sea of green trees sure feels like fall to me.
I love fall. I think it might be my favorite season. I like it best when it is full out colors. For now though, I'll take the feeling of fall. You can go see all the other captures at Beth's.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh my God, my chest hurts!!

Those were my exact words to my husband during the final minutes of the Notre Dame football game last night. Nothing like waiting for the last few seconds of a game to pull off a win. My chest literally hurt with a mix of fear and anticipation. It was awesome though. I hope I didn't scare anyone with the post title.

I had a pretty good weekend. Yesterday, I went to the local farmers market with my daughter and grandkids. I got some yummy breads and blueberry jam. Today, I took my mom to visit her sister in the nursing home. My aunt is 94 and not doing too well. She knew us though and that is always a good thing. This afternoon, the Bears gave the same kind of performance as Notre Dame, winning in the final minute. They have to quit doing that to me.

As I sit here typing, I can hear the rain starting. We have a tornado watch. That never use to bother me before, but after last month it kind of makes me nervous.

I am having a wonderful time with my new camera. I really wanted to get out and take some nature pictures this weekend, but that didn't happen. Hubby is leaving Sunday on a fishing trip, so I'll have lots of time next week to get out and do that.

Guess I better fold the last load of laundry and think about getting to sleep. Have a great week!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Capture/Happiness

I'm really late getting in on the assignment this week. But, I guess better late than never. I went to a fundraiser for the school that I work for tonight with my family and friends and had a great time. Here are a few of the pictures I took (and one that I didn't) that make me very happy. One weird thing, one of the vendors at the event put candy cigarettes on all the tables. This is the only time you will ever see my mom or sisters with cigarettes. Two of my beautiful daughters were models in the fashion show. The ones hair is going to crack you up. That is her with a friend that modeled with her. Can you believe that a high end salon actually did their hair and makeup like that? That is my beautiful mom and three of my lovely girls. I wish we could have gotten my other daughter to go with us.
When you are done laughing at these pictures, head over to Beth's and see all the other entries.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The First Shots with my New Nikon

Here are just a few of my shots I took while trying out my new Nikon. I have a lot to learn, but it's going to be fun!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!

It was Christmas here when I got home from work today. Look what my wonderful husband surprised me with......
Nikon D3000 10MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens with 8GB Card + EN-EL9a Battery + Nikon Gadget Bag + Accessory

We have been discussing getting me a new camera. I told you about it last week. I had it narrowed down to two. I gave him my two choices and told him to surprise me. Did he ever!!

I've spent a lot of time after work getting to know my camera. Tomorrow, I am going to go take lots of pictures of my two favorite little girls. I'll post some pictures when I'm done.

Okay, I'm either getting a head cold or have some new allergy, but my head is ready to explode and I can't breathe worth a darn. I'm heading for a hot tub and then bed. Night!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Had a Fun Weekend!

started my weekend by going to the eye doctor after work and picking up my new glasses and contacts. After 54 years, I finally found contacts that I can wear. I've been wearing a trial pair for a week and I really like them. I came home and my daughter dropped off my granddaughter to spend the night. We had a great time. We read all the new books I got for her. She loves to read. She takes after her gramma. She learned how to sew with a set of lacing cards I bought.
We played with poppa, watched Disney movies and planned our Saturday.

Saturday morning we got up and made pancakes. We got dressed and walked up the the Wizard of Oz festival parade. By adult standards, I thought it was pretty lame, but she seemed to enjoy it, except the sirens. That was as far as our involvement went with the Oz fest. I really don't like the Oz fest. I could give you 100 reasons why not, but why bother.

We walked back home, got in the car and headed for the apple orchard. We all had a great time. She loved the animals, the play yard, the food, the gift shop and riding the Moo Choo train with her godmommy/aunt. It was so much fun to watch her. She has such a joy about her and a hilarous sense of humor for a three year old. It was a wonderful day.

Today, not so wonderful. It's been a day full of laundry, floor scrubbing, bathroom cleaning etc, etc, etc. All the fun things I usually do on Saturday. It's okay though. I'll take a day with my granddaughter over cleaning any day of the week. I hope you all had a great weekend too.

I almost forgot a very important part of my weekend. Notre Dame won!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Camera

Heather had a great comment on my You Capture post. She said I should post the two choices I have for a new camera and get feedback from my readers who might have them. Great idea!!

The two that I am thinking about are the Nikon D40 6.1 MP Digital SLR with an 18-55mm AF-S lens and the Nikon D3000 10MP with an 18-55mm f-3.5-5.6 G AF-S DX VR Nikkor zoom lens. If anyone has either of these cameras, I'd love to hear what you think about them. Thanks!

You Capture/Up Close

This weeks assignment kicked my butt. I bet I took 40 pictures and they were almost all blurry. This is pretty much the only one that wasn't. It's the monogram from my market basket. I love it.
I do have some great news. My awesome husband has offered to buy me a new camera for my birthday/Christmas. I have been researching them like crazy. I have a couple people who I really trust helping me. I think I have it narrowed down to two, both Nikon. I'm very excited. He said that if I picked one out, I could have it now. That would give me lots of time to learn how to use it before the holidays get here. Isn't he the best?
It's time for you to go over to Beth's and see what everyone else did. I bet theirs aren't blurry!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Am I Lucky or What?

I have been privilaged to have some very good luck in the last few months. Here some of the wonderful things I have won from my fellow and most generous blogger friends.

I won the market basket from Sarah at Monogram Chick. I can't even begin to tell you all the things I have used this for.

I won the Live Your Dreams sign from Connie at Cottage Loft. It matches my kitchen perfectly.

I won the Pillsbury doughboy doll and the Bake Off recipe magazine from Tiaras and Tantrums. There are some yummy recipes in there.

I won the "Don't Miss Your Life" book from Teresa at Grammy Girlfriend. Talk about an inspirational book. I loved it.

I won a gift certificate from Maria at Personalized Sketches and Sentiments. I used it to purchase the amazing drawing of my husband and myself.

I also won several things that I have yet to receive. There is the personalized pencil pouch from the Monogram Chick. Yes, I was lucky twice there. A Rock of Ages cd soundtrack from Lisa at Growing Up Mo. Finally, a pretty beaded necklace from Natalie at Once Upon a Cline .

I am so grateful for all my good fortune. Thank you so much ladies for all your generosity. Please visit all these blogs. They are all great reads.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I took these pictures of the moon last week. I love them. They look really cool bigger. I've read where other people say if you click on the picture, it will become full size. I don't know if that works here or not. Try it and see. I hope you enjoy them too. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


As you know, Tuesday was our anniversary. Our three year old granddaughter came running up the driveway saying "Happy Anniversary" and waving this drawing. She said "I colored it for you!". It is hanging proudly on the fridge. If you look closely, you'll notice an extra name at the bottom of the paper. Yes, we are expecting grandbaby #3!!! We are so happy. My daughter didn't tell us right away because she was having a little trouble getting use to the idea. Her baby is only nine and a half months old. Now that it has sunk in and they have had some time to process the idea, they are very happy. The funny thing is, I had suspected for about a week and a half before she told us. Guess it was mother's intuition. I know it's a long shot for this family, but maybe we'll get a grandson. The last boy in our family is going to be 25 this month. I really don't care if it's a girl or a boy. Just a healthy baby is good enough for me. She goes to the doctor the 28th, so we'll know for sure then when it's due. She is thinking the first part of May. So, that's the good news over here and it's great news!!!

p.s. If you want to see something cute, check out my daughter's blog today for You capture. It's her baby announcement. Oh yeah, excuse her language. You'd think her mommy didn't teach her any manners!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You Capture

I admit upfront that this is a pretty lame attempt at things I haven't taken pictures of before. I had big plans to go to Coffee Creek park and taking pictures. It's been a busy week and it never happened. What I would really love to be posting are the really cool pictures I took of the full moon the other night, but I've taken lots of pictures of the moon before. What you are getting are pictures from the pole barn, also known as "Manland". It has some cool and funny things out there. First, we

have the talking James Brown doll who sings "I Feel Good". Second, we have the leg lamp. Looks just like the one in A Christmas Story, doesn't it? It's a blast to put it in the front window on Christmas eve. Third, we have my rum flag. It's one of the few things out there that are mine. Last, we have the Notre Dame sign. Technically, it's hubby's, but I bought it.

So, like I said, lame. To see the nonlame captures, head over the Beth's.

Monday, September 7, 2009

September 8, 1973

Thirty six years ago today, I married the man of my dreams. I was eighteen years old. He was twenty one. Looking back, I can't imagine why my parents let me get married that young. I was one of the few girls getting married at eighteen that didn't have to. We just plain and simple wanted to be married. We had already been together for two years. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a wife and mother. Those were my goals and I achieved them. We have four beautiful daughters. We have added three handsome sons-in-law and two adorable granddaughters. We even have a very special boyfriend who I don't doubt will be a son-in-law too one day. But, the best part of this all is that my husband is still the man of my dreams. Sure, there are days when I want to ring his neck. The good news is that at the end of the day, I still love him with all my heart. I can't imagine my life without him. I am truly blessed.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One or Ten

Today is my daughter and son-in-law's first wedding anniversary. But, Wednesday is the tenth anniversary of their first date. When I look at these pictures, I can't believe how much they have changed and how much has happened. They went through a lot in ten years, but they are amazing. I wish you could have seen them on their wedding day. I swear they were both glowing. They were so happy and the love in that church was awesome. If it's possible, I think they are more happy and in love today. I'm so proud of them and love them so much. Unfortunately, this is my only daughter who doesn't blog or I'd send you over to wish them well.
Happy Anniversary!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Great Day In So Many Ways

It is one of my favorite days of the year. It's the first Notre Dame football game. That is big stuff around here. We are going to my daughter and son-in-laws for a cookout. We will have lots of good food and all the kids and grandkids will be there. I hung the ND flag this morning in the front of the house and have played the fight song. I have my ND shirt on and I'm ready for a great game. Those are just my little rituals for the start of the season. Yeah, I'm a big dork!!

I got the news this morning that I won one of the
gift certificates from Personalized Sketches and Sentiments. If you haven't visited her blog before, you are missing something wonderful. You won't believe what a fantastic artist she is. The hard part now is trying to decide what I want. That may take a few days of thought. Head over and check out the blog. You'll be glad you did.

One of these days, I have some wonderful news to share with you all. I have to wait for someone else to tell it first though. It is news that has made me so very happy.

I just picked jalapenos from my garden and I have to clean and stuff them for the game. Guess I better get to work. I hope you all have a great weekend. I certainly plan to! It's a three day weekend for heavens sake.

p.s. ND just scored a touchdown in the first six minutes!!!!