Monday, July 23, 2012

You Capture / Drinks

I found the best white sangria ever on my trip to New York City and I don't even like wine.  That just shows you how good it was! 

You Capture


  1. Where in NYC did you find the best white sangria? I'm heading there in less than two weeks (and I must know!) :)

    1. We actually found the sangria at a little restaurant/bar in Queens called Pio Pio something on 46th Street. I can find out the particulars if you want. We were staying in Queens with my friend's brother and going into the city every day.

  2. That is one beautiful drink - perfect for You Capture!!! Good job, Nancy!

  3. It does look like a yummy drink!

  4. We are headed to NYC this fall for vacation - have you visited the Children's Museum there? We are thinking of going there, but don't know what to expect.


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