Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

I was right. This was a much better week. I lost exactly two pounds. That takes me to an exact five pound weight loss so far. I think that means I can grab a five pound button. Cool. Here's how I lost the two pounds this week......

1. I shredded until I wanted to punch Jillian.

2. I went on the treadmill most days.

3. I started doing the Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum on the Wii.

4. I drank lots and lots of water.

5. Even on the days that I was really busy and didn't exercise as much, I was still good about eating right.

6. I only cheated once with a bowl of ice cream this week. Boy, it sure tasted good.

7. I didn't get as much sleep as I should have. I guess that's a negative.

8. I was trying extra hard this week to get in shape for the March for Babies this weekend. It's a six mile walk. I haven't walked that far in quite awhile.

9. I cut down on my diet coke intake. That was hard. I love diet coke.

10. I worked on getting more fruit and vegetables in this week.

Well, that's how I did it. Hooray for me!


  1. Wow! You had a great week. A little ice cream here and there isn't going to be a downfall. Too much ice cream all the time might be. Great job on all the exercise!

  2. that's awesome! :) and congrats on your 5# button! good job.

  3. Congrats Nancy! I love how you outlined what did this past week. Good job!

  4. hooray is right!!! you are rockin'!!

  5. Hooray for you is right! Awesome update. and #1 is hilarious!

  6. Good for you girl!!! I've been a bad girl lately....I've even tried eating the paint off the walls. Must be hormonal. HA!!! I can blame it on hormones can't I? LOL

  7. That's a great loss! Congrats!! Sounds like you made all excellent choices! Good job!

  8. GREAT JOB!! I'm so impressed with your workout regime, and it sounds like you've really stepped up to some great eating habits, too. I totally hear you on the Diet Coke thing. I honestly can't live without them, and have just decided to quit trying to give them up ;)

    Good luck this week, and I hope you have a wonderful time walking in the March for Babies walk. Hug Beth for me, K?

  9. You go girl! Wish I could say the same thing. Keep it up. I hope to start the Shred soon.


  10. Great Job! Congrats!! I have had a great week as well but I haven't weighed and reported it to shrinking jeans. I need to start reporting, I guess. I feel better about our walk on Sunday cause I have less flab and more energy.

  11. WTG!!!
    I found those 5 pds:(
    I need to start doing everything you did this week!!!
    (What is Shredding?)


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