Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday

Ah yes, the Shrinking Days of Summer. I remember how I had such great hope when I started this challenge. I still have hope, just not like I had at the beginning. Team Red has pretty much been in the middle of the pack the whole challenge. That isn't a bad thing. It's way better than being at the bottom. It's just that anytime I do something like this, I always believe that I can win. Just like when people have giveaways on their blogs. I always enter thinking I am going to win. Sometimes I actually do, but I always think I'm going to win. Some kind of weird character flaw, I guess. My point is that I don't think Team Red is going to win. It's okay though. We gave it the good hard fight. There is only one week left and short of cutting off a limb, I don't think we can catch up.
I know that I could have done better. This week I lost .5 pounds. A whole whopping half a pound. I thought I did pretty good this week (except for the fried fish last night), but you just never know until you step on that scale.
One thing I have learned this summer is that I do much better when I am at work. In summer, I forget to eat. Really, I do. I have no schedule, therefore I have no eating pattern. The only thing that stays the same is dinnertime. I always eat dinner because I have to cook that for the family. The other meals is pretty much make your own. Everyone is doing different things at different times, so making your own works best. There are days when I am making dinner and I'm thinking "I had two diet cokes and a water today". On another day, it's a Fiber One bar and a cheese stick. Get my drift. When I am working, I usually have a Fiber One bar and yogurt for breakfast while I'm getting ready for work. I pack a Lean Cuisine and a Live Active cheese stick for lunch. I make dinner when I get home. I don't do that now. It pretty much proves the theory that you have to eat to lose weight. I have consistently lost weight this challenge, just not anything major.
I also don't exercise as much as I thought I would this summer. I walk three to five miles five days a week without fail. It's the other stuff that I have to push myself to do. I always think I'll do it later in the day and then I don't. I do it sometimes, but not all the time. Once again, when I'm working, I do it first thing in the morning because I know it is the only real time I have. I can't believe I am going to say this, but I really need to get back to work and it's a month away!
The point is, I've fought the good fight and I'll continue to keep fighting. I know that this isn't a diet. It's a lifestyle change. I need to work on my lifestyle being the same year round. I can't have one for summer and one for the school year. Who knows. Maybe if I eat right this week, I can finish with a big loss next week. I'll do my best Team Red. I'm proud of all of us.


  1. Keep fighting! I will be doing this diet stuff hard core after Emery is born!

  2. i'm with you - its hardest to stay committed when i'm not at work. at work i'm right next to my computer and can log everything. i have my meals and snacks preplanned.

    so why can't we do that at home?

  3. Take the loss with a smile...but I understand how frustrating it can be not to have a regular schedule.

    You should be proud...I see a button up above that shows you are going in the right direction! Keep it up!


  4. Don't be too hard on yourself. Look at that 10# button on the sidebar! Where would you be if you didn't start on team red? I am up for the next challenge and I want you on my team. Yes, you are right that you have to eat to lose. I never forget to eat. I would trade the next month with you and you work for me and I will lay on a raft in your pool.

  5. I agree with Rhonda to not be so hard on yourself. It is so true that schedules keep us SCHEDULED... even for eating. And I agree that each meal is important for the long haul. But you lost .5!! You are steady in the losing department. I'm sure there are many who have gained during these summer weeks. I've kind of taken to making more food for dinner than we can possibly eat and then having the leftovers for lunch. (I also bring lots of food over to my mom!) But the leftover thing works for me because I don't have to THINK about lunch... it's just there. My husband loves this, too, because I send him to work with leftovers and we've been saving lots of otherwise lunch money. It works all around!! Keep up the good work! You are doing GREAT! (By the way, I am a very immature woman and I would have more laughs at a nudist colony with you!!!!... and oh, I'm very naughty, too!!!!)

  6. Hats off to you for joining this challenge and sticking with it. (I wish I had done that instead of steadily gaining weight all year.) A 10 pound loss is absolutely AWESOME!

  7. I'm proud of you for joining the challenge and sticking with it. I think summer is a hard time to diet, because, like you said, most people are not on a set schedule in the summer. You forget that you lost 10#. That is amazing!!! You will lose some more weight as time goes on. If not, you are a beautiful lady anyway Nancy! Love & blessings from NC!

  8. It's just so darn hard, but hey at least you're trying. Winning isn't everything. I can feel your pain though 'cause I stay frustrated with myself for not doing better. I think you need to eat more though. Lots of tiny meals throughout the day. Lots of protein and water. Keep it up.


  9. It's so funny you wrote this. Read my post for tomorrow. ;o)

    But really? I know totally how you feel. I feel so much better when I have a routine. You just have to find some sort of routine in the summer! I know you can do this!! Good luck for the end of the challenge!

  10. Mom, just look in the mirror. You can SEE that you've lost weight and look amazing. Don't be so hard on yourself (easier said than done, i'm the same way...hmmmm, i wonder where i get that from???). Keep up the good work, you still have one week left. I love you!


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