Friday, January 16, 2009

The Joys of Parenting?

My youngest daughter's boyfriend left on Sunday to go down on campus at Purdue. She goes to school up here at Purdue North Central. She wants to go visit him this weekend. I think you all know what the weather is like now in Northwest Indiana. The temperature right now is 3 below zero. Who knows what the wind chill is. I just know it hurts to breath in when you go outside. They are saying more snow tonight. She would be traveling alone. My husband and I think this is a very bad idea. She says we are being overprotective and don't trust her. I don't trust the weather. I totally understand that she misses him and wants to see him. But really, he has only been gone five days. I don't object to her going to see him. Can't we just wait till the weather breaks a little? Isn't it my job as her mother to keep her safe, no matter how old she is? Am I wrong??????? Please tell me I'm not.


  1. Oh dear- I can see your concern. I am in NW Indiana and had the hardest time driving last night and it wasn't even snowing. It was just so cold and icy and I had to drive so slow. Hope all is ok!


  2. You are SO not wrong!!! The last time I checked our weather it was -16 windchill. And that's a major improvement from the -35 this morning. I hope you talked her into staying in (or at least taking a load of firewood with her just in case LOL)

  3. I see your concern and as a Mother I would have said the same thing.

    As a love struck young woman however, I remember that feeling of never getting enough of that one person. :)

  4. You were absolutely, totally right. I had a long distance relationship when I was younger and am so grateful that my Mom always kept her eye on me. Maybe not so much then, but what did I know?

  5. That's not bad parenting. That's smart thinking.


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