Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Girls Night Out

It's the third Wednesday of the month. Around my house, that means one thing---it's bunco night. I know I'm showing my age with that remark, but who cares. My friends are the best. We talk, we eat, we drink, we do secret pal gifts and we laugh. We talk about anything and everything and we laugh. Did I mention that we laugh? It is so much fun to be with the girls. You can just be yourself and what is better than that? I love my girls. We'll be doing this when we are old and grey.


  1. I've heard about wild Bunco nights. They are big around here too. I've never been. ;)

  2. Hello there Bacardi Mama!
    Thanks for the stop by my blog. Who knew you could find so many kindred spirits (pardon the pun)in the blogosphere?
    I happen to love bunco and am from Indiana--lived everywhere from South Bend to Columbus and yes, I miss it!
    Nice to hear from you...I'll be back to!


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