Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Summer Vacation / Washington DC / Day 11

Sunday, Day 11 and we got up early. We met Vickie and Paul for breakfast and then we made our way to Washington DC. The plan for today was to go to Arlington National Cemetary and to see some of the monuments.

Arlington was beautiful.
We saw President John Kennedy's eternal flame.

The amphitheatre was amazing.

I would love to see a performance here.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The guard at the tomb.

The changing of the guard was very cool.

The World War 2 Memorial

It was just our luck that the reflecting pond only had rain water in it.

The Washington Monument was neat.

I think the Lincoln Memorial was my favorite. He is one big guy and you have to walk up a whole bunch of steps to see him.

We walked miles and miles this day. We were hot and tired when we got done. We went back to the hotel and ordered Dominoes Pizza in our room. The pizza was actually very good and they had really yummy Parmesan garlic bread bites.

Another day came to a close and we had fun. Day 12 will take us back to DC.


  1. What an amazing site to visit. I always wondered what the guards would do if they had to use the bathroom while standing guard...they must wear depends.

  2. I love the memorials in DC. I was amazed how big Arlington cementary was and all the rolling hills!


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