Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Summer Vacation / Indiana Here We Come / Day 15

July 19! It was time to head for home. Indiana, here we come!! I had the most amazing time on this trip, but I was ready to go home. I missed my kids and my grandkids. I had shot my vacation wad, so to speak. I had to stop spending money. It was time to go back to the real world and I was ready.

We had some breakfast, loaded up the truck and hit the road. Here's one of bridges heading out of Cleveland. I had to take one last picture.
We were driving along and I saw this ahead. I told Dick I thought we were driving into something. We had such good weather the whole time, I guess it was time for some rain.
Problem is, I hate rain when we're driving.

Damn, I hate when I'm right. The good news is that it didn't last all that long. We went about our driving and kept plugging along for home.

We made it home by mid afternoon. I never knew how good it felt to come home. I felt just like Dorothy. There really is no place like home! I was gone so long, I had actually forgotten that we had wood floor in the dining room. We put it in this past winter. It was a very pretty surprise. I couldn't wait to get to those grandbabies. Sarah had texted on our way home and invited us for pizza for dinner. We unloaded the truck, put a very few things away and headed for Sarah's. I got ahold of those babies and I was truly home.

It was a very wonderful and awesome trip, but sometimes the best part of a vacation is coming home to what we truly love the most!

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  1. I commented but it didn't save...I was saying...AWE, there IS no place like home. Thanks for taking us on your AWESOME Vacation! You are truly blessed to be able to go to so many amazing places.


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