Thursday, December 16, 2010

You Capture / Outside

I blame Beth for our snow storm this week.
It came just in time for the You Capture assignment

It seemed like everytime I went outside (which was seldom)
I saw these poor babies trying to keep warm.
The blur in the background is the snow whipping around at 40 mph or so.

I felt so sorry for these guys.
If I could, I would have brought them inside to warm up.
I saw lots of snow drifts.

This poor baby could hardly stand up against the wind.
He sure wasn't thinking about using this birdbath.
The one picture that I missed was so cool. We were driving home from my mom's in the beginnings of the storm. All I was thinking about was getting home safely at the time. After we got home, I realized what I missed. In the open fields when the winds were blowing like crazy, there were snow funnels whipping around. My daughter called them "snownadoes".
They were really cool, but I missed them. That's what I get for being a big chicken.
If you go check at Beth's, maybe somebody there got them.


  1. I love to watch the birds in the snow! Merry Christmas!

  2. You did a marvelous job in capturing these lovely birds! The snow looks so Christmas-y! I've never seen a snownado... but would love to!

  3. Nancy, those bird shots are awesome!

  4. Great job catching those birds in the frame! Love it!

  5. Beautiful photos, but oh those poor birdies! Brrrr!

    Just snuck away from the grandkids for a few minutes of blog time :-) but I'm having a ball.



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