Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finding Christmas

I haven't posted much lately. I'm having trouble finding Christmas this year. There are things going on that are beyond my control and it's making me sad. I finally got the house decorated and finished the tree tonight. I sat down at the computer and remembered that I never told you about Santa coming to preschool. Lucky for me, he got to come during Natalie's class.

I swear this was the real Santa. Even though I know who it was, I think he could be Santa. He was so awesome and the kids were thrilled.
Natalie got to ring his bells. She was a little leary of the whole thing, but she was a trooper. She wouldn't get too close, but she rang his bells and shook his hand. She loved listening to him read a story. She especially loved telling everyone in the family who came to visit at preschool

It's been a long time since I had my picture taken with Santa.
I loved it and him!
I'm just watching the end of the Polar Express and it always makes me cry.
My oldest daughter who I know is still a believer bought me the Polar Express bell and Santa ornament a few years back. I rang the bell before I put it on the tree. Of course I could still hear it. I hope I always am able to hear it. I'd hate to think that there could ever be a day when I wouldn't believe. I believe in the magic and the wonder and the baby that started it all.
I believe that there is good in everyone. I believe that it is better to give than to receive.
I believe that I can find Christmas in the eyes of my beautiful daughters and in the hearts of my sweet grandchildren and in the soul of my wonderful husband. I believe that love is the best gift of all. I just have to let go of the sad and let God show me the wonder.
It's right here and I know that!


  1. I Believe you have written a beautiful post. I am sorry you are feeling sad this Christmas. I love your picture with Santa~ I used to tell my class that Santa was my close friend and that he would come swimming in my pool every summer...and boy, would he make a big splash! Then I would get the looks~ you know the ones of wonderment? Wonderment... I think I made that word up, but I hope you find the joy in believing~ Merry Christmas!

  2. So sorry you're going through a rough time. I've had Christmases that weren't all that happy; not fun.

  3. She got closer to Santa than some people did in their youth. Just saying....


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