Monday, December 27, 2010

Some Holiday Pictures

Here are a few of the pictures from the weekend.
I have to save some for You Capture on Thursday.
Here we have the grandkids arriving at our house on Christmas morning for breakfast.
Everyone had to come in their jammies this year.
It was their punishment for not being cooperative with taking the annual Christmas picture on Thanksgiving. I told them we were taking a picture Christmas morning so I could send out New Years cards. I ordered them this morning.

Here they are getting ready to start breakfast.
They insist that I make fresh polish sausage, egg casserole and homemade sour cream coffee cake every year. This year Abby decided to add mimosas.
Not a bad addition.

Katie thought it was pretty funny when Abby and Myles got her a Wonder Woman snuggie.
She was Wonder Woman for Halloween a few years ago.
Dick enjoyed the shirt from Myles. He actually wore it to my mom's house later that day.
Natalie and Lizzy were pretty excited with the new Kitchen.
Their old one was very short and small.
Here poppa, have something to eat.
One of the cutest santas ever!
And the other cutest santa!
Lizzy would have nothing to do with the hat, but she was pretty cute without it.
And yes, I got the picture! It's not great, but it's all of us.
The 26th was Cindy's 36th birthday.
Lizzy was asleep, so Natalie got to help open presents all by herself.
She also had the honor of helping blow out the candles without her sister.

So, that is a glimpse of our holiday.
I'll have more pictures on Thursday for You Capture.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday too.


  1. Loved looking at your holiday pictures.....There are a lot of Christmas posts, but none as important as this one...

    Happy New glad to have a few days to read blogs..

  2. What a wonderful family you have!! Love those little cheeks!!

  3. Adorable!!! Nancy, that little Lizzy just warms my heart~ what a doll baby she is! I got your package today ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH~ I cannot wait to try it out! My girls are excited too! Happy New Year friend... It is bound to be better! We will be better! Hugs!

  4. I got lost in the pictures just really enjoying getting a glimpse of your perfect family Christmas. I love the idea of a family breakfast but my daughter-in-laws family already has that tradition. We do our family get together on Christmas eve. afternoon.


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