Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Fling Week One Weigh In

It's the first weigh in for the new Spring Fling challenge at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. This is going to be fun. We are on teams this time. My team has taken the name the Weight Loss Warriors. There are six of us on the team. We kicked butt this first week. We had a total loss of 11.4 ounds. That almost averages out to two pounds a person. Not bad, not bad at all.
I personally had a really good week. I lost 2.2 pounds. That is a really good number for me. I'm usually not anywhere near that. I think the fact that I quit drinking diet coke and bacardi was a big factor. I didn't drink much bacardi, but I drank a lot of diet coke. I also think that drinking mostly water is part of it too. I swear I slosh when I walk. Once in awhile, I'll have a glass of ice tea. I'd like to say that shredding was part of it too, but after only two days, I don't think so. The other thing that I am really excited about is the Monday Project has stayed around for this challenge too. I love doing the Monday Project. Really, really love it!!
The other teams better watch out for the warriors. We are planning on kickin some major butt in this challenge and if this week is any indication of things to come, you all better be scared!


  1. WAY TO GO, Nancy! I'm so happy you had such a great loss this week. I know you really, really needed it to lift you up! You are doing great, and I'm so proud of you!!!

  2. Yay, Nancy!!! That's an awesome loss!

  3. Hi Nancy... I would love to join. Is it possible to be on your team?

  4. we're expected to believe that the Bacardi mama drinks more diet coke than bacardi? ;)

    congrats on the loss and helping us start off on the right foot in 1st place this week!!

  5. thats super...I am SO trying to give up Diet Coke...and get with a program of good eating and EXERCISE.....

  6. Go Nancy Go Nancy Go Nancy!!!! That is an awesome loss and you are kickin' butt.


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