Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Monday Project/Mini Lent

The Monday Project this week at the Sisterhood was to give up something for a week. To make a sacrifice. I had already given up diet coke and Bacardi for lent which by the way is going very well. So, I had to think hard about this. I thought about jelly beans. I really love jelly beans, but I only really eat them the month before Easter, so no on the jelly beans. I thought about giving up exercising, but I don't think that would fly with the Weight Loss Warriors. We were in second place again this week. We won't make it to first place if I quit exercising. I thought about shopping, but I had to go get two birthday gifts and a secret pal gift, so that wouldn't work either. I thought and I thought and I finally came up with it........I gave up negativity.
I'm not a negative person by nature. I think I'm actually pretty positive, but we all have that negative vibe that creeps up on us when we aren't looking (or thinking). I can be negative with myself when it comes to exercise and eating right and looks and self esteem. None of these are my strong suit, but I'm working on it. Every time I would start to think something negative about any of these things I'd stop and redirect my thoughts to something positive. You know like "God, you look like crap" would turn into "You could look pretty decent if you showered and fixed your hair and make up". If you don't know me well, you probably don't know that I can speak way faster than I can think. I am accused often of this. My husband calls it being negative, but I just call it being me and not thinking fast enough. Like last night, we went out for dinner. We had a nice time and when we walked out to the parking lot, my husband had parked the car a little cockeyed in the space. Normally, I would have said something about it and he would have been ticked. In my defense, I would have said something to make a joke about it and he would have taken it seriously. Last night, I just got in the car and didn't even mention it.
So, this week I took a stab at giving up the negative and focusing on the positive and I liked it. I think this could be something that I continue to work on. I know my husband would love it if I did. Who knows, I might love it if I did.


  1. Wow!! This sounds like a great exercise for me...lately it seems like all I ever do is whine and complain about things...I missed reading about the Monday project till about Wednesday so I'm not participating this week...but I definitely need to do it. I'm sure it would be good for me!

  2. Sounds like a great plan. I think all people could improve in this area. Most people complain too much. Life is too short!! Enjoy life, stop and smell the roses and don't complain along the way. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. I think that would be a wonderful challenge for us all, actually. (And the giving up exercise one, too.) :)


  4. What a great idea! Yeah, giving up exercise for me would be too easy to do! (but first I would have to be exercising first, in order to give it up!)

    You are too funny! I love your thinking process and it sounds like you came up with a good thing to give up. :o)
    Our son & his buddies left yesterday to drive back up to college in Lexington, so catching up on my blog reading ("catching up" is part of my life haha)

    Your photos for "reaching" are ADORABLE! It looks like the newest family member will be there real soon! How exciting!

    Congratulations on your Run with the Irish 5K! and your successes with the weigh-ins. Our daughters have been training for their upcoming races...One ran yesterday for an hour, the other ran 10 miles...Oh, dear, If I would just motivate myself to get back to walking the 3 miles...I am waiting for warmer weather...

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (Thank you so much for stopping by and it is so fun to find your comments!!!)

  5. What a great idea. That could be a real life-changing sacrifice. I'm guilty of exactly the same type things that you talk about and it would be so awesome to change all that around. I'm definitely going to try it. Thanks for the idea and good work on your Weight Loss Plan (because I suspect that giving up negativity could help your self esteem which would help you lose weight!)

  6. excellent idea - i'm sure its much harder than any of us would expect. and probably a good exercise for all of us to try.

  7. Good thing to give up! I'm proud of your team and you! I'm not doing so good. I let life stuff get in the way and use as an excuse. Send me some of your motivation again cause my tank is very low.


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