Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weigh In/Week 4

It's not been a bad week over here. I'm down one pound. A pound is a pound. I'm loving the new More Workouts with the exception of the squats. They are killing my knees. They are also making my thighs hurt, so that is a good thing.

Globetrotting is going well. I was a little worried when I added up this weeks steps. It was quite a bit lower than last week, but I figured out why. Last week started on Monday so I had extra days in there. I felt much better after that little discovery. This week I logged 99,832 steps for a total of 49.9 miles. I love my pedometer!

I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with family and friends. I'm hoping to be good when it comes to the food and liquor. I promise I'll do my best. The whole family will be here and we'll be taking our annual Christmas card picture. That is always something to remember. Try getting a dozen people to smile and look the same way at the same time when they range in age from 1 to 57. It's quite the adventure.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving :) Good luck w/ the photo!

  2. Hey, a pound is a pound. Every one counts. But trying to lose weight at the Holidays is HARD!

    Good luck with the photo. I know how hard it is...there are 19 of us.

    Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend!


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