Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sandhill Cranes Part 2

We went to see the sandhill cranes fly in yesterday. It was pretty neat, but not as neat as I was expecting. According to a man who was standing next to us, how close the cranes are, how many there are is different each day. As luck would have it, we picked a lighter day. It was still kind of cool.
Here's my husband, daughter and granddaughter making their way down the path to the viewing stands.
Here are some of the first cranes coming in.

The sky was beautiful. There are quite a few cranes on the ground.
The sunset was breathtaking with the cranes against it.
You can see more of the cranes on the ground in this one.

Another one of the beautiful sunset.

We'll go back again. My husband was reading a sign that said there are more cranes in the spring. I think we'll try again then. My granddaughter made a few friends and seemed to have a good time. I think she would have liked it better if the cranes were closer. We kept telling her on the way there that the cranes were as big as her. It was hard for her to see that when they were so far away. Oh well, we tried.


  1. The sky is just beautiful! Better luck next time :)

  2. Beautiful photos! Sorry it wasn't "all it was cracked up to be" but it sounds like you had a good time anyway.

    Hey, how did the 5K go? Good, I hope??? I thought of you this morning.


  3. Your photos are remarkably beautiful. It seemed peaceful and awe-inspiring. Now you have something even more special when you return in the spring... and I'm sure your granddaughter will never forget yesterday's adventure! Congrats on your 5k, Nancy. You are as awesome as those cranes any day!

  4. We accidentally encountered the sandhills as we traveled north along 421 a couple of years ago. Next time try driving along the highway south from Jasper Pulaski State Park. We were close enough to get some good pictures (even with an old camera) and to watch them dance. It was amazing. Your pictures are breathtaking. Wow!


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