Sunday, November 8, 2009

My 5K Day

So, my two daughters, son-in-law and I were on the road with the sunrise. Once we got to Plymouth, we found our team.

After getting our race bags, we made our way to the starting line.

We passed some pretty scenery.

We passed my daughter who was running the 10k. She's my marathon runner.

I ran as much as I could, but I walked more than I ran. Damn injuries!

At one point, we passed this liquor store and I was thinking a cocktail wasn't such a bad idea. You know, maybe a Bacardi and diet!

We finished our race and the kids ran the Fun Run.

We got to eat some awesome chili. That's why I do this race. Excellent food!
Just kidding!!
It was time for the awards ceremony. Believe it or not, I came in first place for my age division. This is a low budget race. It's a fundraiser for the NICU at the hospital where ny niece works. My prize was a plastic pacifier.

This was a first for me. One race, three shirts. I got the first shirt from EA Active. I filled in my blank with "me". I am active for me! The second shirt is the one that came in my race pack. The third is my team shirt. Team Anna and Kamryn. They are my great nieces who both spent some time in the NICU where their mommy (my niece) works. They are happy and healthy six and three years old now. I'm always more than happy to do this race and help raise funds for the hospital. They do amazing work. We were told on Saturday that over the last six years of this race, they have raised $25,000.00 for the NICU. So awesome!

Now, to recap. I started this 5k process with the help of the Sisterhood. They keep pushing me and making me believe that I can do these great things. I wanted so much to run this whole race. Unfortunately, I already had a longstanding ankle/foot injury and then I twisted my knee on a pile of wet leaves. I kept training as best I could and hoped for the best. Now, I have a new goal. I had said I would run the Flurry Scurry next month if things didn't go well here, but I found out Saturday that they no longer do that race. I did find out that there is a Sleigh Bell race, so I'll be training for that. That is my new goal!

Thank you to all the wonderful people at the Sisterhood, especially Christy, Melissa, April and Lisa. You four mean so much to me. You inspire me daily and make me believe in myself. I have lost 13 pounds since I joined you and I plan to keep going. You make me feel like the energizer bunny sometimes.

So, today, I'm clipping on my pedometer for the new challenge and envisioning myself running the entire 5k next month. Wish me good luck and fast healing.


  1. This is the most perfect recap! The photos are beautiful and I laughed out loud at the Package Store sign! What an awesome fundraiser for such a wonderful cause. And YOU? You are heroic and inspirational... from your commitment to your run to your fabulous sense of humor. I went back several times and re-read each word and looked at each photo and am in awe of you! Seriously! Totally seriously!!

  2. Congratulations!! You rock Nancy... way to go. You are inspiring to me!

  3. Look at you!!! I'm so proud of you, and you won first place - that's AWESOME!!!

    And I would totally run faster for a bowl of chili at the end!! :)

  4. Nancy, reading your post makes me teary!! I'm so glad you're part of the Sisterhood. It's Sisters like you who keep me going Seriously. It just wouldn't be the same without, hooker!!!

    Congratulations on your awesome 5K. Even if you had to walk, you still DID IT!!!!! YOU DID IT, and I'm so proud!!

    Awesome pictures, and such a great cause! I'm pumped that you signed up for another. I'm going to start looking for an organized 5K myself. I think I really need the fanfare, the crowds, and a plastic pacifier would be sweet, too!!


  5. My goodness, what an amazing recap! I am LOVING reading everyone's 5k report, I love this!! First of all, I love that you were helping to raise money for the NICU. My son was a preemie and I am in a mom's group dedicated to helping families in the NICU and it makes my heart sing when I see people rallying for the same cause! Blessings to your family! And YOU ROCKED THAT 5K! Seriously, doing it anyway, keeping on keepin on despite injury, that's amazing and inspiring! And I loved the pictures! My 5k was sponsored by the beer Blue Moon but there was no beer tent! What the heck! Good luck on your next 5k, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  6. So proud of you girlfriend! What a great cause. Now you have me craving chili...thanks a lot!

  7. Congrats on completing the race! That is awesome that it was such a family event. Don't get down about the injury. Running is great, but if your body won't let you, then walking is a great alternative. Keep up the training!

  8. I am so proud of you!
    keep up the great work!!

  9. So proud of you!! Way to go. Looks like you had such a fun day, even though it was hard work. You go girl!! Love & blessings from NC!

  10. Nancy, I'm so proud of you! And I'm in awe of you and inspired by you. You did it! You totally rock! (You've inspired me so much that at least I'm thinking about trying it.) Way to go, girl!

  11. Way to go Nancy! You are incredible!!! Your story is great...Me and the rest of the clan needs to get our butts out with you!

  12. Oh My Gosh, so proud of you! How fantastic! What an accomplishment. Way to go, Nancy!


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