Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Hug Award

Corinne was sweet enough to send me the hug award this afternoon. She is one of my new blogging friends and I think you would love her too. You should head over to her blog and read what she has to say about her two adorable kids.

I'm supposed to pass the cute hug along to a few others... here's a few bloggers that I think could use a hug:

Abby at Show Some Lovin

Sarah at Mommy Boo of Two

Cindy at Just Another Reason to Eat Chocolate

Sharon at Mom Generations

Rhonda at Mimi's Toes

These are all people that I look forward to reading every day. I hope you take the time to visit them too. I could have sent this award to so many of my new friends, but it did say to send it to just a few. A big hug to all my wonderful new blogging buddies!


  1. congrats on your award. I will be checking out these other blogs! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  2. You are just so sweet. Thank you for the hug...How did you know I needed it? I am so glad I met you thru blogging. Hopefully we will meet in person soon.

  3. Hi It's nice to meet you and your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine recently. Congrats on the award and your son's new book. How fun to be blogging with your girls. My daughter has one for her little one. I love it. Connie


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