Sunday, March 1, 2009

Team James and Jake

Head over here, just leave a comment and $1 will be donated to Team James and Jake for every comment that is left. Plus you are entered to win a $50 gift card to anywhere of your choice. You have every reason to go over there and no reason not to. And hurry and do it by 8 tonight (Sunday) because that’s the deadline. m’kay?

In my laziness, I just copied and pasted Beth's post, but it is so worthwhile. Please head over there and do this, please!!!


  1. I did it the other day, but, can I do it again or no?

  2. I just popped over... I hope I wasn't too late - it's pending moderation.

    Thanks for posting this!

  3. wasn't this terrific. I just think this was such a wonderful thing to do for someone else!

  4. I did it last week. Glad you are watching the bachelor with me tonight! I will do the treadmill with you too! Thanks for keeping me pumped up...It is going to be a nailbiter tonight, although I don't bite my nails. If I get stressed about the show, I plan on eating my carrot chips or fat free popcorn....

  5. Guess what I heard from someone about the Bachelor? She saw on the internet chat that Jillian is coming back to announce that she is carrying his baby. WHAT? Probably a rumor, we will see. I am getting on that treadmill right now!


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