Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've Joined the Sisterhood!

It is official friends. I have joined the sisterhood and come hell or high water, I am going to be in better shape by the end of May. I'm hoping that with a weigh in every week, I will be accountable to someone besides myself. This should be a good thing. Let me tell you though, this is not going to be easy. They have already tried to kill me with the Wii Fit hula hoop challenge. I thought I was doing good with my little 867. I get on the blog site and there are women with numbers in the 3000's. Holy crap! I am in big trouble.

Here is something fun (I use the term loosely) that is going on right now. If you head over to the Sisterhood and join, you can get in a great giveaway, but you have to move fast. It is only through 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. The actual challenge starts on Monday April 6. The giveaway is for the Jillian Michaels (Biggest Loser coach) 30 Day Shred dvd. Check it out at the Sisterhood

I am really excited about doing this. Tomorrow is my first weigh in. I'm not too excited about that. I don't know if I am brave enough to post my actual weight right now. I'll definitely show losses and gains (I sure hope not), but it might take some time before I am ready to have anyone know what I weigh. To be totally honest with you, I don't even know right now. Tomorrow morning will be a surprise for me.

Wish me luck everyone. I think I'm going to need all the support I can get. I need to do this. I am determined to do this!

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  1. Good luck B.M...you are so brave!! I might have to check it out...I've been needing me some motivation what with the 20th high school reunion coming up... :)


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