Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

My new blogging friend, Corinne has awarded me the Honest Scrap Award. The object is to post ten scraps of information about yourself and then pass the award on to seven other bloggers. Being new to blogging, I don't know how to get the actual award picture on to my blog, so you'll just have to trust that I really got it. Here goes---

1. I am a total giver, but not a very good receiver.
2. I love Bacardi rum.
3. I would walk through fire for any member of my family.
4. For the first time in more years than I can count, I will have my house to myself for three whole days this weekend.
5. My husband is the only man I have ever slept with.
6. I could live without tv, but not without music.
7. My granddaughter can get me to do anything.
8. If I didn't color my hair, I would be totally grey.
9. I love my job at the prechool and have no desire at all to retire.
10. I love my faith.

Okay, here are my seven picks to receive the award--

Abby at Show Some Lovin
Erin at A Peach Livin in the Evergreens
Vicki at Bunny Tracks
Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry
Kat at Just a Beachkat
Rhonda at Mimi's Toes
Sharon at Mom Generations

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. Let me know when you post your info.


  1. Hey Mama! I am posting this now! Thanks for tagging me!

  2. Thanks sista girl....this gives me something to post today. I will work on it and get it on soon. I loved your list of scraps about you. We are so much alike. I need to get me some of that Bacardi rum. My sister has the best rum cake recipe.

  3. ooOOooOOooO! thanks :)

  4. I have mine up....this was a hard one! It's hard to find scraps!

  5. As one of my favorite people of all time would say, "You're a hoot!"

    I will get my list up today! Of course, your list is incomparable, but I'll try!!

  6. Thank you for sharing :) Love all your scraps... especially that your granddaughter can get you to do anything - that's what they're for!


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