Friday, August 31, 2012

My Summer Vacation / New York City Day 7

Days 7, 8 and 9 were what the whole trip started with. It was supposed to be a short cousins reunion before the family reunion. Vickie and I just endend up turning it into something a "little" more. We slept in very late, like afternoon late. We really needed it though. We knew the next few days would be jam packed. We really had no idea.

These are the cousins. Victor, Sally Anne, Michelle, Vickie and Lucy. Victor didn't hang out with us a whole bunch. Just a dinner or two really. We were actually on pur way for something to eat at Pio Pio before we girls jumped on the train.
You know, of course, that we took them to Times Square. Just a quick visit. We were going to be back later in the evening.

We went to China Town. That was fun. It is amazing how those people will barter and how many of them want you to come in their back rooms for the really good deals.

I loved how everything was chinese, but American!

We walked all over and headed to SoHo which is right next door. There are no bargains in SoHo. I can promise you that.

Once we finished shopping, we headed back to Times Square and the surrounding area. NYC is beautiful at night. Take a peak.

It was getting late and we needed to get home. It was close to midnight. We stopped at the all night Rite Aid and got a box to make our sign. We were going to the Today Show.

Here is Michelle working very hard on a sign that we would wind up not even using. More on that tomorrow. Below you will find a video from Ellen's Stardust Diner. Remember I told you about it the other day? We went there for dinner tonight and I remembered to take a little video. It's not great, but you'll see how awesome the talent is. Tomorrow is a day you aren't going to want to miss. It was so long and so wonderful and about 21 hours long!


  1. How great that cousins could meet in such an amazing place. You guys didn't waste a single second! Will you be my tour guide when and if I ever make it to NYC?


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