Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Summer Vacation / New York City Day 6

Day 6 was deemed our day to lay low and rest up for the cousins to come the next day. That was before we left on our trip and were still at home. We were low key for us this day, but we still had some fun.

We went on the NBC tour. The sad part of the tour was that I was not allowed to take one stinkin picture. What's up with that? I was not happy, but it was still fun. We got to see some of the studios for some shows. Saturday Night Live, Dr. Oz and the Nightly News were a few we saw. When we were going from one set to another, we saw Teresa Guidice from the Housewives of New Jersey show. She was our first star sighting.

This is a mosaic that was in one of the hallways when we were leaving. I took a picture of it. That was my one picture from the tour.

We went back a did a little more shopping at Macy's. You have to know my Vickie to know that shopping is a must for any trip. The girl loves to shop, especially for shoes.
We made our daily stop in Times Square. They have these huge screens around the square. Sometimes they scan the crowd. This day, we were lucky enough to not only be on screen, but to see ourselves and take a picture. That's us right in front with me taking the picture.

We headed back to Queens and met Victor for an early dinner and were home by 7:00. We watched a little tv and fell asleep early. The cousins were coming the next day and it was going to be nonstop for the next three days. We needed to rest up.

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  1. I see a little that you? Good idea to rest up and get to bed early..


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