Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Summer Vacation / New York City Day 2

We started out Day 2 all by ourselves. We caught the train and made it to Times Square with no problems. Times Square would become our go to place at some point in every day. There was never a lack of characters to get your picture taken with. Here is Vickie with Puss in Boots. It was in the upper 90's the entire time we were in New York. I can't imagine how hot it was inside those costumes.

We made our way to Rockefeller Center. It was on our "to do" list and it was easy to find.

Look at the size of that planter. They were everywhere and so pretty.

We were getting hungry and decided to eat at the Rockefeller Cafe. What a good choice. We were going to eat outside, but once we got down under those umbrellas, it was way too hot. We were also kind of creeped out by the pigeons everywhere eating all the food scraps off the ground. No thanks, we'll just eat inside.

We had the absolute best shrimp chopped salad ever. It was so good, we came back another day and had it again.

After we ate, we made our way down the street to Saint Patrick Catherdal. What a beautiful place this is. It is in the middle of a renovation. That is why there is scaffolding everywhere. Below are some pictures of the inside.

Next, we headed a little further down the street and found Sax Fifth Avenue. Vickie was in her glory in the shoe department. If you know Vickie, you know that shoes are her thing. That is why her suitcase was overweight at the airport. She had packed too many shoes.

By the time we finished shopping, Victor was ready to join us. We met him at FAO Schwartz. This is one of the times I had wished the grandkids were with me. What an amazing place that is. A true childrens dream.

This is the piano from the Tom Hanks movie "Big". The kids were having a ball making music. We thought about trying it, but decided to leave that up to the kids.

Here is Vickie with a huge Batman made entirely from Legos.

We had an almost 20 hour day on Day 1 and we were getting tired. We decided to take a walk in Central Park before we left for home. It is such a calm and peaceful place.

This is the bridge that you see in so many movies. It is really pretty in person. Central Park is another great place to people watch. There are families playing and people sleeping. People everywhere, but it is still a pretty quiet place. I loved it. We finally left for home. This was the night we took the bus. We had our navigator with us to be sure we got on the right one.

Soon, we were home and it only took a few minutes to fall asleep that night. We had to get some rest to be ready for Day 3.

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  1. Where are pictures of YOU? You should have given Vickie your camera to take some. I believe you were there! Everything looked so amazing. Can't wait to see what Day 3 brings....


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