Monday, August 27, 2012

My Summer Vacation / New York City Day 3

Right off the bat, I have no idea why everything is underlined. The underline button is not clicked. Sorry, but I'm not going to take the time to figure it out. Blogger hates me lately.

Day 3, Saturday July 7 and we are really on our own today. Victor had to go back to work at the hospital and he is working a double. If we really needed him, we could call, but our goal was to not have to. Goal accomplished!

Check out the sign that we saw every day when we went to the train station. Scare tactics work though. We never once crossed against the light there. Other places yes, but definitely not here.

Once again, we made our way back to Times Square and Woody was waiting for us. I took lots of character pictures to take home for the grandkids. They loved them.

We went to the NBC building to take their tour. They were sold out, so we got tickets for later in the week. We decided to take the tour at Radio City Music Hall instead. We really did enjoy it. We learned a lot about how it was restored to its original beauty. We enjoyed the tour so much that when it was over, we bought tickets for Cirque De Soleil Zarkana for the next day.

Hey, I just realized things are no longer underlined. Go figure!

This is looking down on the lobby from upstairs. Isn't it pretty?

This is the Ladies Lounge just outside the ladies bathroom.

This is Vickie and Erin the Rockette. Poor Vickie got her bubble burst when she found out you had to be at least 5'7" to be a Rockette.

These are some of the beautiful costumes the Rockettes have used.

This the guest book. There are some pretty cool signatures in there.

This was the day we encountered our only rude New Yorker. He happened to be our waiter at the restaurant we chose. The food wasn't great and the service was worse. If I remembered the name of the place, I would tell you.

After we ate, we went to Madame Tussand's Wax Museum. This was so much fun. I could do a post on just that. We even went to their 4D Super Heroes movie. Our feet hurt and we wanted to sit down where it was cool. It actually wasn't half bad.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Johnny Depp

Whoopie Goldberg


(I took this for my girls)

Tina Turner

Because Rhonda asked so nicely, here I am behind the Central Park backdrop.

Another great day under our belts and we hailed a cab and headed for home.


  1. HOORAY...a picture of YOU! I have to catch up on your trip cause I've been in bed for 2 days with some sort of stomach bug...I LOVE reading and seeing your trip. It makes me want to go so bad. I love those wax figures.


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