Sunday, January 8, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge / Day 8

Today's assignment at the 30 Day Blog Challenge is to post a song and a photo to match your mood. Lucky for all of you, I am in a pretty good mood today.
I have been in love with James Taylor since I was a teenager. His music can calm me or inspire me. He always makes me feel like things are going to be okay. I picked "The Secret of Life" for my song today. (Sorry the song is so far down this post)

I spent the morning with my hubby. Nothing extra special, just some grocery shopping. But, I was happy and we talked about all kinds of things, but it seems like we always at some point, end up talking about these three adorable grand children up there. One thing that I want for them is to really know the secret of life. It's not about how many things you have or what kind of house you live in. It's about the people in your life and enjoying the time you spend with them.

If you listen to the song and read along with the words, you'll see what I mean. My favorite line is "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time". I want Natalie, Lizzy and Jack to enjoy their life. I want them to not be worried about keeping up with other people and worrying that they might not have the same things. It doesn't matter. One of my favorite quotes is "The most important things in life aren't things".

The people in your life are the most important thing you have. Everything else could be gone tomorrow, but people will stay by you. If you pick them well, you will never have to worry about them leaving you. I have been blessed with some truly wonderful people in my life. I hope you have too.


  1. Great song & pic! The lyrics are so true. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So very TRUE~ Natalie, Lizzy and Jack will learn so much from you! As grandparents we are so lucky to have such a big role in their little lives! We are blessed!

  3. Natalie & Jack look so much alike. These are 3 blessed grandkids. You are so right in saying that family and friends are what matter in this life. I'm so glad to call you my friend. And I love this song!

  4. I think we all want these things for our family members! They are lucky to have you in their life!


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