Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The 30 Day Blog Challenge / Day 3

Day 3 of the 30 Day Challenge was just too easy. They asked me what was my favorite store. I didn't have to think a minute about that. There she is, folks...........
I have been a huge fan of Kohl's since they opened a store in the next town several years ago. They have just about everything I ever need. There are a few things they don't have and then I have to go to the hardware store, but that doesn't happen all that often. Check out the receipt below.....

How can you possibly not love a store where you save more than you spend every stinking time you go. This day of shopping was exceptional, I admit, but I always save so much. So yeah, my favorite store is Kohl's. Hands down, the best store around if you are looking for good quality and great savings.


  1. I've only been to Kohl's a couple of times. There isn't one where we live now. Guess I'll need to check them out again when I'm in a town with one!

  2. I love Kohls! We usually make a spring and fall trip, where we all get new clothes. I love that we almost always save 2 or 3 times more than we spend!

  3. I love Kohls especially when I get a 30%. Just heard Michigan City is
    getting one.

  4. Ugh -- EVERYONE raves about Kohl's, it seems, but ours just isn't very nice. The clothes are never organized and the sales help is pretty much nonexistent unless you want to go to the front of the store & bug someone at a register, or go to customer service - and stand in line - at the back.

    I have to believe that ours is the exception, though, since everyone else seems to love it.

  5. It's true... every STINKING time you go ... you save! Love it too!

  6. Next time you go shopping there, call me. I live down the street, about a mile from there. Kohl's is a great place to shop. I gave them a little of my money this Christmas.


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