Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Strides

Today, I am kicking off my fundraising for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. It is October 17th and I am hoping to raise at least $300.00.

This walk is very close to my heart. I feel it is one of the most important walks I do. One of my very best friends is battling cancer. It all started with breast cancer almost six years ago. She was doing great for so long and then last summer it came back in her lungs. She is doing very well right now and I would like to do anything and everything I can to make sure she stays that way.

Two of my favorite blogging friends are breast cancer survivors. I do this walk for them too.

If you could, would you please make a donation to support my efforts to raise funds to fight this awful disease? It can be as small or large as you want. I will be so grateful for any amount. If you can, just click on the icon under my profile picture and it will direct you to my Making Strides page.

Thank you so much! You are the best!!

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  1. You are walking for a great cause. My hairdresser is battling it too and the chemo is kicking her butt.


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