Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Heavy Metal

Today's prompt was "heavy metal".
This was a little hard.
My first thought was to take a picture of a Mettalica album.
But, that would require my having to find a Mettalica album, plus the fact that it would be a lame attempt at the assignment.
I'm not sure these are great, but they'll do.

The iron wagon wheel that I use for my clematis.
The fence.
The iron bird bath.


  1. My mom used to have an iron wagon in her yard, and that was one of my favorite places to visit :) It just felt so, homey. Lovely!

  2. LOVE your choice of objects!! Especailly the iron wheel. Great job!

  3. I especially love the iron wagon wheel!


  4. I LOVE your choices of Heavy Metal. I LOVE the wheel... heavy and sturdy and formidable, but allowing the soft and vulnerable clematis to find a place to grow. All protected. Life weaving its way toward the sun. Just BEAUTIFUL.

  5. I love clematis. You have a great way to express heavy metal. Ditto Sharon's


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