Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You Capture/2009

I didn't have a lot of time this past week to really work on this. I just picked a picture from each month. Hope that is okay. Here we go...
Dad and his girls.
My husband sent me flowers for Valentines day being he was in Florida. It was very special.
It is something he does very rarely.
We got to take a trip to the Smokeys for spring break. This is one of the waterfalls we hiked to.

I did the Walk for Babies with Team James and Jake. I loved everything about it, especially meeting some bloggers I had grown to love.

One of my good friends died several years ago. Her only daughter got married. I love her like one of my own. This is my sweetie dancing at the reception.
Just one of the cutest pictures I took that month of my sweet granddaughter. She is just about as cute as they come.
I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream and go to a Cubs game. Our seats were fantastic and I loved every minute of the day. I didn't even care that it rained and they lost.

We had a tornado. Scary, but mesmerizing. It was very hard to stop watching the funnel cloud and get in the house to safety.

Fun in the pool that scared the crap out of grammy.

A very fun day at the orchard.

The annual Christmas card picture always taken on Thanksgiving.

My little angels in their matching jammies.

So, that's it. Head over to Beth's and check out what everyone else picked.


  1. I love that you did a beautiful, touching picture for every month of 2009. They were all so fantastic and interesting. What a beautiful post!

  2. Nancy... Thank you! What would we be doing without the grand babies? Don't know and don't care to know!! I remember "meeting" you right around the tornado... I remember that tree shot!! I know you will have a blessed 2010... especially with a new baby coming!!

  3. That one with Dad seems like SO LONG AGO. Crazy! It's been quite a year, for sure.

  4. Trying this again! It was hard to choose just a few for me, too! I enjoyed your pics. You have a beautiful family =)

    GRRRR.. why does it keep saying *Your request could not be processed. Please try again. Very frustrating....

  5. I truly loved this monthly capture. I feel so honored that you put our picture up of the walk. You are so special to me! I am coming over this summer to lay on a raft in that pool girl. I promise to bring the frozen pina colotas.

  6. I love this post - picking a picture from every month was a brilliant idea! Hard to believe it's already 2010.

  7. I love how you broke it down month by month! And how exciting to think that you'll need to add a blue pair of jammies to that December photo next year. :)

  8. Loved this post! It's fun to look back and see how blessed we are.


    (BTW...I love your blog look!)

  9. What a beautiful year you all had! Love the family picture!

  10. I love your family pictures - and your granddaughter is adorable!

  11. Great family photos.

  12. What a beautiful year you have had. I loved seeing your darling grandaughters. How precious are they? I just love little girls! I am so happy you got roses. Isn't that one of the nicest feelings in the world? : )

  13. love all the photos! my favorite has to be baby girl smiling with her tongue sticking oldest did that all through her baby years and i always thought it was so adorable!


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