Tuesday, August 4, 2009

21 Days

It's a new challenge over at the Sisterhood. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. We are going to put that theory to the test and these are some of the things that we are going to try.....

Water intake = minimum of 64 ounces a day
Fruits and vegetables = 5 servings a day
Dairy = 3 low-fat servings a day
Eat breakfast
Take a multi-vitamin
Exercise = 30 minutes a day
No nachos or chocolate cupcakes
Sleep = more than you are now
Go Whole = eat only whole grains
Stretch your body, try it for 5 minutes every morning

This is a 21 day challenge which means that I will be going back to work during this time. This is a very good thing. I have found this summer that I do much better with most aspects of my life when I have a set schedule. When I am working, I know exactly how much time I have and when I have it. In summer, I feel like I have all the time in the world and get little done. How dumb is that. Anyway, I'm happy to be going back to work.

So, game on! I'm starting today. I already exercised, had breakfast and drank a bottle of water. I'd say that's a good start for 9:00 in the morning. If you'd like to join us, just follow the link above. We'd love to have you!


  1. YAY!

    I've found that I have the same problem with summer. There is no routine and SO much traveling, so my diet and exercise schedule have suffered greatly. I'm really looking forward to school starting, so we can all get back on a routine!

  2. I know someone who could probaby hook you up with a mini stretching rountine for your morning...

    Let me know if you need anything in the way of tips. I do that kind of stuff. Like the water and fruit and veggies and whole grains and stuff.

    Love you!

    Me, um, not so happy to go back to work. =^)

  3. Just wanted to say "HI". Life has been CRAZY busy for me, so my blogging time lately has been rare to say the least (and I see no end in sight for the next week or two), but I've had fun reading all yours posts I've missed since my last visit.

    Love your new list of things to do. I'm trying hard to follow most of what's on your list. Gotta get ready for the wedding, right?!


  4. Oh I am in too!! I am going to the site now!! Good luck!

  5. you're going to do all of those? :-O wow! i'll be lucky to attempt one or two.

  6. You have me super motivated! Since doing my sprint triathlon and cutting my foot, I have only run once in 15 days. (I will cut myself a little slack, because my foot was KILLING me to walk, never mind run... BUT!!) Now I am totally ready again, and I love the motivation of the 21 Days. I need something staring at me, and this is it. I even got myself a bottle of water just now! I will post about it and link it tonight. This is exactly what I need to carry me into Fall. I can't guarantee the chocolate cupcake thing, but the rest is completely do-able! Thanks!

  7. I love your list and your post. I am currently on a eat as little as possible and walk myself to death diet. I'm struggling. I'd feel guilty eating breakfast and 3 servings (even lowfat) of dairy a day. I do actually put 'drink water' multiple times on my To Do list everyday. But sometimes I'm not very good at the To Do list. I do like the 21 day thing. Okay, I'm going to go do my first daily walk (4 miles) and think about what you've said.

  8. Your description of 'summer' sounds exactly like my life! Don't get much done, always gain weight and never exercise. Then when right before it's time to go back to work I panic and work myself to death trying to get that 'to do list' accomplished. I need the schedule, but am NOT looking forward to school starting! Good luck with the 21 days challenge.

  9. Oh, I like the whole grain thing...maybe I should add that to my list!

  10. I'm sure once you get going in your routine you'll do better. I think everyone needs some routine! Sounds like you have some great goals and a good start to them. Keep it up!

  11. You go girl!!! I used to have will power. I started a diet yesterday morning just like I do EVERY Monday morning and I did GREAT until noon!!! lol lol

  12. Hope you are back to a reular scehdule now...funny how we become creatures of habit so easily isn't it! I'm with you on the mulit-vitamin & water! Good luck!

  13. Yay!! I know you can kick this challenge in the rear, Nancy!!!

  14. Way to go! Glad you're in! I do much better with a routine, too. :)

  15. Sounds like a good challenge to me :) I know you're up to it. And, you're right, things like this are easier to achieve when you have a routine. Love you!

  16. I am up for this challenge. I'm going now to fill up my water bottle and take a break from working at my desk and will even get a stretch in. I would give anything to have my summer free, but I know what you mean about having a schedule. I do so much better when I am working.

  17. Best of luck!! I KNOW you can do it!


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