Monday, May 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

I feel like posting, but don't have anything in particular in mind. I have lots of things on my mind though.

I just got done watching Dancing with the Stars. Did anyone else think that Melissa looked like a hooker in her first outfit? It reminded me of the outfit Carrie Bradshaw was embarrassed to wear in the Vogue fashion show episode on Sex and the City. I'm for Gilles all the way. I could live with Shawn winning, but I would be really upset if Melissa won. I just voted. Boy, I need a life when I'm voting on reality shows.

Word verifications on blog comments. Do they drive anyone else crazy?

Today, I'm feeling a little sad. The end of the school year is coming and it's a really busy time with preschool Olympics and teddy bear reunion and graduation. It all is wonderful and fun, but it also means saying goodbye to our three day class. We have a great group of kids this year and saying goodbye is so hard. I really love these kids and will miss them a lot.

Hubby is on a fishing trip. He has been on a trip of some kind once a month for the last four months. Retirement is grand!

This weekend, we have a dear friend's wedding reception. They got married today in Hawaii. I posted before about her bridal shower. Her mom was one of my best friends. She died almost six years ago. The reception will be bittersweet without her there. The reception is in Chicago on Sunday night. A bunch of us are going up on Saturday and staying till Monday. It is going to be a great weekend.

Sunday is the Indianapolis 500. I love the 500. I've been loving it since I was a kid and we would all listen to it on the radio. I'll be spending my Sunday in our hotel room watching the race. I may head down to the bar for some of it. It is a party weekend after all.

Lastly, but certainly not least....our darling granddaughter turns three on Thursday. Poppa is coming on Thursday for that. She is just the best little girl ever and we love her to death. She is sweet, funny, adorable and full of attitude.

So, was that random enough for you?


  1. I watched a little of dancing with the stars and YES, Melissa's outfit was skimpy. I haven't been following much this season. I DID tune in to watch the Bachelorette and I said I wouldn't get started on that! I am with you on the word verification thing. They do sometimes drive me crazy but never said anything. I know what you mean about the end of school. When I worked at the school it was bittersweet. Sounds like a fun weekend planned with the reception. I am taking my parents out of town for a long weekend, starting Thursday. I finally get some vacation time off and am so looking forward to it. Your hubby is lucky to be able to take his guy trips. I want to retire! So you have to Birthday shop for next week? Fun! She is adorable and looks just like You!

  2. You gotta let go to make room for more great things! you never know what great thing or person is just around the corner ;) change is good, reminds you you're alive. yay for that!

    can't wait for the wedding and birthday! what a fun weekend! yay for that too!

    ps - my slumber in the memory foam mattress was so nice, my back does not hurt anymore!

  3. I've cried twice this week thinking about Noodle turning three. I don't like it. My baby should still be just that. But then we wouldn't have Lizard. And I wouldn't trade her for the world :)

    And the end of the school year means my godbaby will be going to kindergarten next year. That seems even more unbelievable!

    I'd be happy with Gilles or Shawn winning. They are equally good and seem like genuinely normal people (Gilles would make me happiest,though).

    This weekend should be fun. We'll see how the girls do in a hotel. I think Noodle will think it's pretty cool.

  4. Have fun in Chicago. We went to a wedding and reception last weekend and had the best time. School ending is always bittersweet each year. Some years are harder than others. Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter!! Have a great week. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. I thought of you last night for the finale of Dancing with the Stars. I didn't watch cause I was at a graduation. Have a Great time with your family at the wedding.


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