Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You Capture / Smiles

Our little man had his 1st birthday today.

I still can't believe that a year has gone by so quickly.

I was definitely able to capture some smiles today and at his party on Saturday.

Check out the shirt.

He loved the ride on truck we brought him today.
The boy loved his cake.

And he left a chocolate ring around the tub.

Head over to Beth's and see all the smiles over there.


  1. Your little man is so cute! Happy 1st Birthday to your little man!

  2. Nancy, he is ADORABLE! What a cute little guy! His personality really shows in your pictures!

  3. Looks like that cake was a real hit!!

  4. Great pictures, Nancy and Late Happy Birthday, Jack. (I didn't realize that Jack and Eli were so close to the same age.)

  5. Such a total sweetie! Sooo happy! Looks like a wonderful 1st birthday!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    And thank you my friend for stopping by!

  6. He looks so much like his Grandma! My Jack has one of those trucks too.


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