Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Capture / Top 10 of 2010

I had a really hard time with You Capture this week.
I have taken 1000's of pictures this year.
I've been through my albums so many times in the past week.
I finally just picked 10.
They aren't my 10 best, but they are 10 of my best.
Or maybe they are just 10 of my favorites.

This is my Jack. The cutest baby New year ever.

I think this is trail 9 at the Indiana Dunes State Park.

This Natalie and Lizzy at a party this summer. I love how Lizzy is covered in cupcake and Natalie looks like she is trying to decide between the cupcake and broccoli.

Here is Natalie on Christmas morning.

Santa! Need I say more?

Jack looking like a little man.

The beach and waves on Lake Michigan.

If you know me, you know I love the moon.

Believe it or not, Lizzy is watching a parade go by.

A butterfly in the garden at school.

If you head over to Beth's, I'm sure you'll see lots of favorites.


  1. I know it was hard to pick ten, but these each tell a story....and that makes a memory. Love it!

  2. Not your 10 best, but 10 of your best...I love how you worded that Nancy! Great shots! By the way... I love when I visit your blog and have my speakers on and I get serenaded by James!

  3. What cute kids, and great shots of them, too. That trail looks so peaceful. And great capture of the waves.

  4. I wanna run on Trail 9 : ).

    Your grandkids are SO adorable Nancy!

    And my Sam is obsessed with the moon....

  5. Great photos! Love the music too :)

  6. Such a nice variety of wonderful photos. I feel especially fond of the Trail 9 one. The kids are adorable, the moon beautiful, and the waves of Lake Michigan are perfectly captured. Here's to another year of happy capturing! :)

  7. Nice photos. I really love the moon shot, and Lizzy watching the parade.

  8. That broccoli/cupcake picture totally cracked me up! Too funny.

    Love the Lake Michigan picture, it really is a beautiful place. Love the dunes!

  9. Great pics Nancy! Jack is a doll and growing so fast! Of course the girls are precious too.

  10. I just can't get enough of these beautiful photos!

  11. I love your camera and everything it captures. How do you keep from pinching Jacks cheeks? The girls with the cupcakes is priceless.


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