Saturday, July 17, 2010

World's Longest Picture Post

My grandgirls came over for the night. Their mom was busy getting the house ready for a party after their brother gets baptized on Sunday.
They built with blocks.

They climbed in their brother's bed.

And looked......

pretty darn cute.

They played with the dollhouse.

And they curled up with Aunt Abby to watch Enchanted while they fell asleep.

After a request for blueberry pancakes for breakfast, they stopped for a quick photo op with Aunt Abby before we took off for the zoo.

We saw tigers.

We saw zebras. Even a brand new baby zebra.

We saw bald eagles.

We saw yucky reptiles.

Some of us liked it.

And some of us didn't. She said the tigers were too loud.

They were asleep three minutes after they hit their seats.

We came home and chased poppa in the pool.

Lizzy made her first jump (and several others) off the ladder and loved it.
This girl has no fear.

They stopped to look cute.

They both did.

Natalie rode her jeep.

And Lizzy learned how to drive herself.

After a 22 hour adventure, I took my little darlings home.
I love these girls with all my heart, but they sure can wear me out.
I'm still tired and they are on their way over to go in the pool.
It is 93 degrees here and humid.
The pool is the place to be.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. What you did in 22 hours is my favorite thing to do! You are is so tiring. But it's the best kind of tired! Precious girls you have there!

  2. Looks like it was a fun, jam packed 22 hours!! :)

  3. Nancy... our lives are so alike! Don't you just love it? We can spoil and love on them and send them home to be DE-Grammatized!!!!

  4. These are the most beautiful photos of a most beautiful bunch of hours! You are BLESSED! I could look at these gorgeous faces all day long!

  5. Funny! I wondered who would notice about the Diet Coke. I went cold turkey for THREE MONTHS. Not a drop. Then I decided: *You know what, it's my only vice and life is too short.* And just like that I started drinking it again. Who knows, I may give it up again!

  6. Precious pictures and precious memories...There is NOTHING ELSE to compare to it...Happy SUNDAY

  7. Wow, you have more exciting things to do at your house. I need to get a pool again, looks so refreshing. You really made the most of those 22 hours...Love your pictures!

  8. Love, love, love your "World's Longest Picture Post"! cuz they definitely were filled with pictures of your "so sweet-so-cute-you wannna-pinch-their-cheeks-cute" grandgirls :o)

    What a fun weekend! (Wheew! I can't wait til we have grandbabies to have a "fun-filled, gotta-recuperate" weekend ;o) Love the pic of the girls sound asleep in their car was driving? After that long, happy day at the zoo...I'd love to see if (of course, not while driving, but maybe catching a few winks before leaving the zoo...) the driver was dozing like Chevy Chase did in the 1983 Family Vacation daddy Griswold...

    Blessings & Aloha!
    thank you also for stopping by and entering in the $40 CSN giveaway :o)

  9. I'm glad this was the world's longest picture post because I can't imagine which picture you might have left out. You're a great photographer and these pictures prove it. I'd hat to HAVE to pick a favorite but I have to admit that Lizzy jumping into her Grandpa's hands stick in my mind. It's just an amazing picture. Thanks for sharing!


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