Sunday, July 25, 2010

Calling All Bird People

Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?
They are sitting out on our back fence and have been for quite awhile.
I don't want to get too close and have them fly away.
Any ideas?
After some Goggle searching, I think they might be Least Bitterns.
Can anyone confirm that?


  1. I can't help you. Very interesting bird though.


  2. How cool! I love them. They look so exotic and unusual AND interesting. This site has a recording of the least bittern call Do they sound anything like that? Great pictures too by the way!

  3. No idea... very cute bird though! Good luck!

  4. Very unique looking. They do look exotic.

  5. I have never seen a bird like this. Hopefully someone will know. Let us know what you find out. Very interesting pictures. Love & blessings from NC!

  6. It's great you noticed such an unusual bird! Send the photo or take it to the Indiana Dunes State Park nature center and someone there can ID it, but from the Peterson Field Guides Eastern Birds it does look like the least bittern (a lousy name).

  7. Wish I could but a bird is a bird to me....kind of like snakes...

  8. Cute birds! I know nothing about birds... except that these birds are wonderful! Glad you shared!


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