Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random for Randoms Sake

1. I started aqua jogging in the pool. I really like it. I learned the hard way though that you should not run on your toes. Very sore calves for a few days.

2. My garden is beginning to produce and I have an over abundance of cucumbers. Good thing we love them. We also have green onions, jalapenos and cilantro.

3. We went to a birthday party on Saturday and they had a big blow up water slide for the kids. Natalie loved it. Lizzy not so much.

4. I have a bunco pool party on Thursday. One of the girls that used to be in our club is in town from Arizona. It will be fun to see her. I'll be able to show off grandbaby pictures.

5. One month from right now, school will be back in session.

6. I've been making a lot of progress with the editing of my house. I'm definitely sorting through some junk.

7. There is no score in the Cubs game at the end of six innings. I warned you this was random.

8. Not only is my oldest daughter an awesome photographer, she is an awesome writer.

9. My youngest daughter made dinner tonight and it was really good. Fiesta ravioli, tossed salad, green beans and garlic bread. Very tasty.

10. Because there are people that I know in real life that read this blog, I can't always write about what's on my mind.

11. Jack is this close to laughing.

12. I'm going to try to convince Dick that we need to take a little trip before I go back to work.

13. The girl that I walk with in the mornings realized that we walk no less than a 5k five days a week. If we were running that would be a real accomplishment.

14. I'm going to sew some pillows for my daughter. I like to sew and I just never seem to find the time for it on a regular basis.

15. Oh crap....two to nothing Houston. Let's go Cubbies!!

I think I have bored you long enough.


  1. Loved the randoms.....I may have to borrow this one. You should make it a regular post.

  2. I love this post. But did the Cubs win? :-) xoxo

  3. I love random thoughts...I might just have to copy you today for my blog. I didn't know you have a Bunco club...I use to be in one. If you ever need a sub, call me. I would love to have a garden. Maybe next year. You and Dick should go on a get away, even if it's not too far from home.

  4. wow, you are really getting your miles in Nancy! That is awesome! Good luck with the cleaning, it seems like it piles up sooo easy!

  5. I love your random, too! I forgot that I used to sew almost everything until I read your post today. Boy, would I love to sew again! Your MILES are incredible! So proud of you! I've never aqua jogged, but I see women (and men) doing it at my YMCA. I think I'll do it this fall. Our Y pool has been closed for 6 weeks for major renovations and I'm going stir-crazy to get back into the pool. I LOVE my Y pool. It has big windows and it's so peaceful. (That's my random thought!) I LOVE cucumbers! Flo used to make me, special just for me, her sliced thin cucumbers and sour cream and onion special. Oh, how I loved that and you made me think of her and that special summer treat just now. Tears. Joyful ones and missing ones. I want to go to Block Island (right off our coast) this Saturday. It is a tourist destination and I'VE NEVER BEEN THERE! It's a 30 minute high-speed ferry from us. It's one of my 57! You've inspired so much with YOUR random thoughts! Isn't that incredible! Love you!


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