Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who Knew It? I'm Versatile!

I was given the Versatile Blogger Award by my daughter.
She is my oldest daughter and a real sweetheart. If you check in with her at her blog, I think you will like it. She is a wonderful writer and an excellent photographer. Thanks honey!
The rules are to thank the person who gave you the award, tell seven things about yourself and pass the award along to some bloggers you love.
So, here goes.....

1. I have signed up for a Creativity Boot Camp. I am really excited about it. Here's what it is...

Creativity Boot Camp is a two week intensive e-course designed to take your creativity to the next level. The course will consist of daily creative conditioning exercises to shift your life patterns allowing for a full embracing of your creative selves leading to higher levels of creativity.

It is free and just what I need to start my summer vacation. The timing is perfect. I found out about it through Corinne's blog. Thanks Corinne. You can joiin to if you want. Just click on the widget on my left sidebar.

2. Once I am done with boot camp, I am moving on to "editing" my house. Editing is term I picked up from my sweet blogging friend, Sharon. I have too much stuff in my house. I am going to go room by room and edit. Doesn't that sound much nicer than pitch or purge my junk? Anyway, that's the plan.

3. I love to spoil my grandkids. Who doesn't? I'm heading over there soon to see them try the Slip and Slide for the first time. It should be fun. It might only be May 23, but here in northwest Indiana it's a hot and muggy 86 degrees. We'll probably have snow next weekend.

4. I am on a never ending journey to weight loss and fitness. If you read my blog at all, you know that I have a great love affair with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. They are helping me so much on this journey. Thank you ladies. You are the best.

5. Mary, Rhonda and I are going to start walking together every Friday during the summer. I met them both through blogging (and Mary's daughter) and they are the best. The plan is that every week, one of us will pick the place we walk. Being we live in three different cities, it should be fun and interesting. We have even talked about jumping on the train and walking around Chicago.

6. My husband insisted on opening the pool this weekend. I know it's 88 outside now, but it won't last. We did the same thing last year and then complained when nobody could go in the pool for a month. Hopefully, I'll be proven wrong.

7. I am very excited because summer vacation from school is so close. Our last day is June 3rd. My big plan for the summer is to get really good with the manual settings on my new camera. I'll have lots of time to figure it all out and take some great shots.

So, last but not least, I pass this award on to Mary and Rhonda. I love you guys and can't wait to start walking.


  1. Thanks, Nancy, for the award. I think I'll do it but not before maybe Tuesday. I've got my 'Swan Song' or Terror at Striebel Pond series going on until then. And I'm really tempted to do the Creativity Boot Camp. It sounds like something anyone could benefit from.
    And the 7 things you wrote about yourself could have been written by me (except for the pool one - we have a koi pond instead and never swim in it. lol). I do think we have a lot in common though and I'm looking forward to our walking adventures!

  2. Nancy... tell your husband you need a heater, if you don't already have one!! We will open the pool this week, once the new liner is in and I will crank the heater. No babies want to swim in 70 degree water!!! I had to do a lot of convincing to get a heater here but it is so worth it since we only have about 4 months to use a pool here in Ohio! You are versatile!!

  3. I'm so excited that you're doing the Creativity Boot Camp! It should be a fantastic exercise in getting the creative juices flowing :)

  4. oh good luck with bootcamp...and editing your house...I think we all need that every now and then!

  5. Congrats on the award...I haven't seen too many lately.

    Good luck with bootcamp and with editing your that idea.


  6. Congrats on the award! I read both your blogs and I never realized you were mother and daughter!

  7. Thanks for the award my sweet friend. Today is a great day to jump in the pool...Enjoy!


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