Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You Capture/Red

I planted a garden this year. These are the fruits of my labor.

In true Cub fan fashion, there is always next year!

Just the beginnings of a hint of red on my burning bush.

The last blooms of my geranium.

A beautiful and unusual flower I bought at the European Market

If you go to Beth's blog, I'm sure you'll be seeing red.


  1. The last flower is awesome, I wish there were more red flowers!

    Great shots!

  2. My geranium is on its last leg as well.

    Lovely shots!

  3. I love those fuzzy flowers. Good job!

  4. Oh lovely shots but that last ones is just perfect!
    Great Captures!
    "Here is my RED" <--Hope u like =)

  5. Beautiful shots! I put the Cardinals on mine! :)

  6. Beautiful! The tomatoes looked like red hot candies. I got Steph and I a bouquet of the same flowers at the market that day too. They are so vibrant. Love your pictures.

  7. You got RED right! Oh, my! I can't take my eyes away! What a wonderful Capture this week! Just beautiful!!!!

  8. Very nice photos, Nancy. You're putting your new camera to good use and obviously learning a LOT about it. I love the fruits of your labor in the garden the most. And the play on words "you'll be seeing red" at the end of your post. Great job!

  9. Love your RED photos! And I can't believe that last flower foto!
    It looks like one sewn with crushed velvet fabric!

    Blessings & aloha!
    (thanks for stopping by :o)

  10. Love the tomatoes and the leaves. I can't quite get enough of either down here in the desert. I know some people pull off a real garden down here... I also know that someone isn't me! :( Lovely pictures!

  11. Great RED captures! Love tomatoes!


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