Monday, October 19, 2009

True Confessions Monday

Monday is the day we are supposed to confess our sins over at the Sisterhood. Unfortunately, I have many this week.

1. My 5k training isn't going as well as I had hoped. I rolled my ankle badly last summer. I doctored myself. Bad move. It still gives me trouble. They say a bad sprain is worse than a break. I believe that now. My husband keeps saying that it's never too late to go and get it checked. I may have to break down and go. It swells and hurts if I overwork it and running seems to be overworking it. I could end up walking more of this 5k than running.

2. I keep forgetting to take my vitamins. As I typed that, I remembered that I didn't take them today either.

3. My water intake hasn't been great.

4. In the last four days, I had two wakes, a wedding and a funeral. Wearing heels doesn't help with the ankle pain.

5. My eating hasn't been awful, but it hasn't been great either. Oddly enough, I think I consumed most of my water this week at the wedding and the funeral luncheon.

6. One good thing, the wedding cake wasn't very good and after one bite, I could easily pass it up.

7. I haven't been real good about doing any exercise this week. It's been a really busy week, but that is no excuse.

So, I need to kick it in gear. I need to get back in the exercise routine. I think I need to get back to Jillian kicking my butt with the Shred. I did well with that before. I need to start drinking more water.

I think what I really need is for Christy to kick my butt! She's really good at motivating me. HELP CHRISTY!!!!

p.s. One good thing I did find this week was Healthy Balance juice. They have great flavors. My favorite is Pomegranate Blueberry Acai and it's only 26 calories for an eight ounce glass.


  1. Confessions. Whew. It sounds like your ankle is the culprit and I do agree with your husband that a checkup may be in order. Nancy, what kind of vitamins do you take? The only ones my body will tolerate are Viactiv... both calcium and multi. I even have my Mom taking them and she is not a vitamin girl. We asked our family physician about them because my Mom thinks if they taste good then they can't work!! He said YESYESYES to Viactiv if it means that we'll actually be TAKING them daily. The water thing is easy for me because I love water... but Barry and my Mom are another story. It's like I'm suggesting arsenic!! I bought Simply Lemonade for them and they mix it with the water. That way I'm not so evil!! (Barry gets terrible leg cramps if he is not hydrated.) I love your wedding cake story... but I probably would have had 2 pieces anyway! I found that I wasn't exercising without a goal, and that's why I signed up for the 10k in December. I NEED a goal, a chart, a marker to cross off my training... and a good attitude to know that LIFE is often more important than any day of exericise. As I told Rhonda the other day, we as women are very hard on ourselves. Very hard. I think back to why I haven't exercised regularly lately and oh... I helped Janie pack up and move to New York City. I have visited her 3 times in 3 weeks, I watch Audrey's 2 littlest boys every morning, I take care of my Mom and all of her medical and personal needs, I go to all my grandkids' sporting and school events... So we as women need to say WHEW... sneaking in a run or a walk with a sore ankle, taking vitamins, and drinking water are AWESOME things when we CAN do them. We have each other's backs and that is the most perfect thing... thinking of you... xo!

  2. What exactly is Shred? You should have your ankle checked out. Maybe you have a stress fracture that you keep STRESSING. ouch. I have the same confessions as you. We mothers, and grandmothers put everyone and everything before our needs, don't we. Well I say.... ENOUGH! Let's get going and do something for ourselves. Ok ... just as soon as I teach, pickup the grandkids, make dinner... you get the idea! Let's just do the best we can. This week I will drink more water, ok? Have a great day!!

  3. True confessions are good for the soul. As I am typing this, my co-worker is offering me a chocolate cupcake. I am going to take Sharon's advise on that vitamin and get me some. You might have a stress fracture and not know it. My boss's wife had one and had to get an MRI to find out what it was. Get it checked out!

  4. Some weeks are like that. Don't let it get you down.

  5. Confessions are good right? because they're like a diary. The things you confess to are like a way of life for me. I finally had to get one of those old-people pill things so I'd remember my meds and vitamins better. And that ankle needs to be looked at. Maybe some physical therapy would take care of the whole thing. At any rate, you still rock! And thanks for the tip on the Blueberry Acai.


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