Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot!
I love my camera!  Any of you who know me, know that to be a fact.  I don't think there is a day that goes by without my picking up my camera at some point in the day.  I used to participate in a weekly photo challenge called You Capture, but it is no longer available for me to join.  I really miss it.  I thought in a very small way, Hit Me With Your Best Shot could be my replacement for it.
I’m excited to invite you to participate in my new weekly photo challenge.  The premise is simple.  Every Friday, you can check in here and post your favorite photo that you took during the previous week.  It can be absolutely anything as long as it's your favorite shot.  For those of you who don't blog, I will post the link on my Facebook page and you can post your photo in the comments.  If we aren't Facebook friends, you can friend request me as Nancy Jankowski Collins.
Here are the logistics of how this is going to work......
Every Friday, there will be a post on Bacardi Mama called Hit Me With Your Best Shot and I’ll have my favorite picture that I took for the week on that post.  Below the picture, I will have a Mr. Linky in the post.  Then YOU will post on your blog (or my Facebook post) your picture and information about this challenge.  Then you’ll fill out the Mr. Linky with your name and your link to your picture.   Please be sure and link my post on your post.  That way, more people will be made aware of Hit Me With Your Best Shot and we can maybe get more and more people participating.  I think once you see the first post, it will all make sense.  At least I hope it does.
So my friends, check back here on Friday, February 7 for the first ever installment of Hit Me With Your Best Shot
I'm really excited!


  1. Way to go, Nancy! I'm looking forward to it!

    1. Thanks Mary! Me too. If nothing else, we have lots of snow to shot.

  2. I am not a good picture taker......but I love being back reading blogs Determined to get back to blogging I miss all my friends


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