Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I woke up late yesterday because we had a snow day from school.  I had planned a day of leftover projects that had been hanging over my head.  Nothing hard, just unfinished business. 

I made the mistake of turning on the computer first thing.  I saw this on a friend's Facebook page and it got me thinking....
"If you ain't losing friends, you ain't growing up." Snoop Dog. Everything we do turns someone off to us as friends. Some persons, especially those afraid to pay the price of loving unconditionally, are consistently and constantly seeking reasons and ways to get out of relationships, no mater how simple or complex they are. Hard as it may be to understand, we must know that we are not losing ...true friends, but only those who appear to be! To live the truly happy life we must live beyond the need to be loved, but must live to love with everything we have and are. And to live our greatest potential in this regard, we must teach this to our children, grandchildren, friends, students, and, especially our enemies or possible enemies.
So, as I was taking that post in and mulling it over, I started thinking about the Grammy awards the night before.  I remembered Sara Bareilles and Carole King singing together.  That took me to You Tube and this video.  This got me thinking even more.

Say what you want to say and let the words fall out.  When was the last time I did that?  When was the last time I was brave with words?  Have I ever really been brave when it comes to words?  Maybe it's time I was.  Or maybe it's time to step back and let go. 
Maybe it's time for this.....
Maybe I have a lot to think about.


  1. It IS a lot to think about. I chose this word for my word for the year this year. Maybe you already knew that... ;) Anyway, it's tough but doable. :)

  2. Now that you mention it, Elaine, I do remember reading that was your word for the new year. I guess it might be mine too. It will be tough!

  3. Love that song...it's like an anthem for me.
    And as far as that "maybe" of yours...I judge whether or not I want to continue a friendship with someone based on how I feel when I walk away from him/her. If I feel better for having spent time with that person, then it is a friendship worth my time. If I feel spent or heavy, I need to consider moving on.

  4. I love the song too. I want to be braver, but I do try to be careful with my words. Words are powerful...for good or bad.


    1. I totally agree, Kat, but I'm also tired of being the one dumped on by other peoples words.


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