Thursday, October 10, 2013

Old School Blogging - 5 Favorite Blogs

The Old School Blogging assignment this month is to name five of your favorite blogs that you read.  I can do that.  Easy peasy!

1.  Mom Generations

Sharon Couto, along with her daughters Audrey and Jane write Mom Generations.  They give the perspectives of different generations.  Sharon is the mom and grandma.  She finds joy in absolutely everything and to read her is to love her.  I am lucky enough to have met her in real life after meeting through the blogging world.  She is now a very dear friend.  Audrey is the oldest daughter, fashionista and mother of five.  What this girl can accomplish in a day is unbelievable.  Jane is the youngest daughter, newlywed (she was married a year ago in July) and expecting her first child.  Jane is also the mommy of three of the cutest dogs you'll ever meet.  They all write about family, fitness and fashion.  Check out Mom Generations.  You will love these ladies.

2.  The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

I am a little partial to this website because I am a contributing writer, but that doesn't make it any less a great blog.  If you are looking for support in your health, fitness and weight loss journey, Shrinking Jeans is the website for you.  We cover all things fitness with weight loss challenges, monthly exercise calendars, running support, nutrition advice, weekly menu planning and a multitude of other things.  Stop by and check us out.  You'll be glad you did.

3.  Just a Beachkat  

Just a Beachkat is a blog that I found very early in my blogging life.  Kat lives on the ocean in Florida and loves every minute there.  She is a loving wife, mom, friend and "goose".  Goose is her very special grandma name.  Kat loves to travel, but her favorite place to be is right in her own backyard which just happens to be the ocean.  Stop by and meet her.

4.  Musings of the Sixties

You might think by the title that this blog is about the 1960's, but you would be wrong.  The musings are by my friend Mary about her life in her 60's.  Musings of the Sixties is mainly about Mary and her large family.   Mary is the wife, mom, grandma and great grandma of this big and loving brood.  One of my favorite features is the birthday interviews she does with each member of her family.  She is also a great photographer.  Mary and I actually met in real life through her daughter.  Although we only live 15 minutes away from each other, we never see each other enough.   You will love this blog.  Stop by and check it out.

5.  Mimi's Toes
Mimi's Toes is about my friend, Rhonda.  She is a mom and grandma and the first thing you will notice when you read her blog is that she loves her family.  Rhonda is the mom of two and the mimi to six.  Rhonda suffered a tough blow this past year when her only daughter and four of her grand kids moved across the country to Oregon.  After living one town apart for so long, this was hard on all of them.  Like Mary, we live 15 minutes away from each other and rarely see each other.  We three really need to remedy this and spend some time together.  Go visit Rhonda.  I know you will love her like I do.

So, there you have it.  Five of my favorite blogs.  Go check them out.  I bet you love them too!         


  1. i only read one of these so i can't wait to go check them out!

  2. Oh, Nancy... can you see my SmilE from here!? Thank you for including me in this list of incredible women. You all are heroes to me, inspiring me each day and making blogging for us "Old School Bloggers" like sitting on the front porch and simply talking, sharing, laughing, loving life and each other! I love you, my dear friend! xoxox!

  3. I love finding new blogs! Love your list!

  4. Nancy, I'm so flattered and happy to be included in your Old School Bloggers list. And I'm also pretty stoked to be in such good company with Sharon, Diane, and the girls at the Sisterhood. I will definitely be visiting Just a Beachkat regularly too. Thanks again. (You are the best! In fact you're motivating me to get back to blogging regularly.)

  5. You REALLY made this ole' gal smile and feel so important! I love ya like my Coach purse! And here, I was thinking that I have been so slack on keeping up with my Blog. I use to LOVE to write. I have just been sorta down in the dumps and thinking, what will I write about? You are one of my top Blogs too! And WE MUST meet and check out the Riverwalk!! Thanks again for making me feel so special.

  6. What a great list! I miss visiting Mary's blog. I was always reminded when Beth used to do her photography link ups and now since that does not happen I am bad about it. But you're right, she is a great photographer! Thanks for linking up and for spreading the blog love, my friend! :)

  7. I love when I read these lists and realize I am not familiar with the blogs that are listed. Lots of great new places to check out.


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