Saturday, October 20, 2012

Down Memory Lane

It was a perfect fall day.  The sun was warm and the air was crisp.  The temperature was in the 50's.  I decided it was a great day for a walk with my camera.
I took my normal route and headed toward town.  It was the European Market downtown.  Lots of people and vendors.  I passed the gazebo in the park.
I kept on walking but, when I got to Morgan Avenue instead of going straight, I turned left.  I found myself walking down this very familiar hill.  I must have walked up and down this hill a million times as a kid.  You see, I was heading into my old neighborhood.
At the bottom of the hill is Coffee Creek.  I spent so much time in that creek as a kid.  We waded and caught crawdads.  A few times, I even came out with a leech or two on me.  I loved playing down there with my friends.  Do kids still do this, I wonder?
The trees were beautiful.
Each one prettier than the one before it.
But then, I found what I was looking for.  This is the house that I grew up in.  I love this house.  I met the people who live there now a few years ago.  They said I was welcome to come and see the house anytime.  I said no thank you.  Some things you just never want to change and I want to remember that house just the way it was.

If I close my eyes, I can see it.  My dad reading the newspaper on the front porch.  Mom cooking dinner in the kitchen.  My sisters getting ready for their dates.  My brother playing in the back yard with his friends.  And me, sliding down the bannister.  Oh, how I loved to do that.  It was actually the very last thing I did when I left that house when mom sold it.  I was 26 years old and I cried while I did it.  I miss that house, but I sure do love the memories.


  1. The house that built you~ Ring the bell and take a visit, don't take anything but the memories Nancy! Don't you just love that song? I would so want to go inside my childhood home!

  2. Awe, I love your walk down memory lane! Mike and I almost went to the market Saturday, but I had a bad cough and wasn't feeling good. I love your childhood house!


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