Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm So Excited and I Just Can't Hide It!

It's going to be one of those dream come true days.

Derek Lee won't be there.

Ryan Theriot won't be there either.
But I am going to be at Wrigley Field for a night game.
I've never been to a night game before and the weather is supposed to be perfect.

I will be sitting in this seat watching the Chicago Cubs.

I'll be there with three awesome friends.

Some people wouldn't think this is a big deal, but it really is a huge deal for me. I grew up loving the Cubs and I've never waivered even when they have a bad game (or year).

With any luck, I'll even get to go here.

Never been and I'd love to see it.

I'll be back with lots of pictures for you on Thursday

and the story behind how I got these awesome tickets.


  1. Have fun! Hope it's an awesome game and ends with a CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!

  2. Have a great time. Hubby and I visited Chicago a couple of years ago and went to 2 games (although we weren't rooting for the cubbies)! It's a great experience going to Wrigley Field.

  3. I can "hear" the excitement in your words. Have a BALL....lol


  4. OK you can have fun! I've been to a night game or two and it is a good time. I like your catcher Soto he's good. I'm sorry that's as nice as I csn get.


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