Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Call You Never Want To Get

The phone rang at 10:03 Sunday morning. I looked at the caller id and I knew that this wasn't going to be a good call. Dick was on his way home from his vacation to visit his dad in Florida and the call was from him. He never calls when he is driving. He always calls at the end of the day when he stops for the night. I knew it had to be that something happened at his dad's and he hadn't left yet or he had an accident or car trouble.
He had an accident.

Looking at these pictures, it's hard to believe he walked away from this, but he did.
He had some personal guardian angels on his shoulders, I think.
I don't want to dwell on this. Dick is a little sore, but that's all. That was the best news ever. My brother-in-law and I drove down to the south side of Atlanta to a little town called Jackson, Georgia to pick him up. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to hug him and hold him and see for myself that he was really okay.
I want to tell you all that we have the absolute best brother-in-law in the whole wide world. He was a lifesaver and I never would have made it through the last three days without him.
You are the best Bernie!!
We got call on the way home from the insurance claims adjuster. The state police said that sole responsibility for the accident was placed on the other driver. That was good news. But for any of you who know Dick, the best news is that the golf clubs were unharmed!


  1. Oh.My.Word! How scary! He definitely had an angel in the car with him. Thank you Lord.


  2. Thank God he is ok by the looks of that car! Were the clubs in the trunk? Can't believe they survived! Oh scary that must have been~ Angels were all around him!

  3. What terrifying pictures!! So glad that he's ok...

  4. Oh, God... what could have been?? Yes, angels were all around. It made me smile about the golf clubs! I just made Barry's life by agreeing to take golf lessons in the spring! xo So happy everything is ok!

  5. I'm so glad the hubby is OK. Big sigh of relief for you Nancy!

  6. Wow, it sure does make you count your blessings even more when something like this happens. Glad it had a good outcome and you had the support of your brother-in-law.

  7. praise the Lord. So happy to read all is OK. Those pictures are scary.

  8. OK golf clubs=happy hubs! :) so glad he is ok. I just now saw this post!

  9. The car looks bad; thank God he wasn't hurt...and that the clubs survived!


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