Monday, August 9, 2010

I Didn't Think It Would Happen So Soon

Aren't they cute? Doesn't it look like they are happy campers?
Not so much this afternoon.
About 5:00 the phone rang. Sarah is on the other end and I can hear Jack doing the ugly cry. You know the one where they are screaming as much as they are crying. I can barely hear her.
Sarah said Jack was laying on the floor on a blanket and she was five feet away building a bookcase she bought this morning. For some unknown reason, Lizzy decided that Jack needed to be on his tummy and rolled him over. I'm guessing it wasn't a gentle roll. Sarah was in a panic because she thought Jack's arm was broken or dislocated or something bad. Dick and I took off for their house. Sarah called the doctor and she said head to the emergency room. By the time we got there, Jack had cried himself to sleep in Sarah's arms. Dick and Sarah took Jack to the hospital. Sarah had called Nick at work and he was going to meet them there. I fed the girls dinner and did the dishes and cleaned up the toys and books in the girls room. I was trying to do anything to keep my mind off Jack. The thought of that little guy coming home in a cast or sling was more than I could handle. About an hour passes and the phone rings. It's Dick and Jack is just fine. He said the doctor was twisting and turning his arm every which way but off and Jack just laid there and cooed and smiled at her. Nick got there just as they were checking out.
Hopefully, this isn't the start of things to come.


  1. Nancy, this is so frightening... I know because it happened to us, too. Our little Jake did the same thing to his little brother Dylan when Dylan was beginning to roll over. Just a little too rough in trying to "help." Same thing. Adam called us in a panic and dropped off Maddie and Jake on the way to the ER. It was a dislocated elbow. Fixed. Everything was fine. The interesting thing is that the same elbow thing happened to both Adam and Audrey when they were small. Once Barry and I were swinging Adam when it happened and Audrey fell and it happened. Our physician said they would grow out of it and they did... but the PAIN when it did happen was terrible. I am happy all is well... poor little Jack... and I'm sure Lizzy was frightened, too... poor little babies. Ah... siblings! xo!

  2. I know how scary this is. And you never want the older sibling to feel bad when they're just trying to help. We had an older sibling give the baby an M&M - so sweet. But she choked and I called 911. During the call the M&M came up and all was well. Afterwards, I was as concerned for the older one as I was for the younger one. I guess it's all part of childhood. and siblings.
    BTW, that is a GREAT picture!

  3. Oh, I know this had to be so scary. This made me think of the time that my sister and I pulled on our little brother's arm and dislocated it. Great that it had a happy outcome. That picture is just too adorable. I still think Jack looks like you.

  4. So glad to hear all is well! Scary!

  5. Oh poor Sarah! I hope Lizzy is ok too. She looks like she loves that boy up to God! Sarah has her hands full for sure! Glad Jack is ok!!

  6. Oh I love some sibling stories! :-) So glad he is okay. xoxo

  7. Yikes, I was afraid to keep reading, but glad I did since the end was a good one. Thank you Lord!

    They are adorable.


  8. oh no -- so scary! But so glad that all is well. And reminding me that the older siblings are big helpers that could actual give boo-boos!

  9. Oh migosh, crazy, I'm so glad he's ok! Talk about heart stopping, I wish I could say that would be it but that feels like my life right now! :p I will at least hope for your guys' sake that all the madness will be postponed another year or so or at least until he can run after her!


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